ARC 231 Roon 1363 History not updated

After a day of listening to Arc, the History section Roon did not update with any tracks listened to

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Same here after my woes in ARC B231 Suddenly can’t connect to ROCK B1363 after updating - #20 by Suedkiez

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For about 30 minutes, all the chronology of the songs played yesterday and this morning has appeared (with the “loss” of a few songs, though). Did it happen to you too?

No, the last album I see as played in ARC is still one from 2 days ago and no later ones

Now the album that I played earlier today on the main system appeared in ARC‘s recently played list.

And I realize that the albums I had played during the past 2 days, that didn’t appear in ARC‘s recently played, had all been queued in my second zone. No idea how this would make a difference, but it’s how it is.

Hi, @Suedkiez, @Daniele_Piancastelli! We have been investigating this case today and came to the conclusion that it might be happening because of the logout problem which appeared in the process of #230#231 migration. Because of that, may I ask you to do the following:

  1. Remove the current Roon ARC install
  2. Install the latest #231 build
  3. Use it for playback for sometime
  4. Check if the History browser updates properly
  5. Check if the Recently Played section updates properly both in Roon and Roon ARC

I am sorry for asking to reset your install again and for the logout issue as well.

Please, let me know how it goes.

Apologies for troubles.


Hi Ivan after wiping the storage of ARC (Android Pixel 7 Pro) I can confirm that history then updates back to the Roon server.

I didn’t have to uninstall just clear all storage and settings

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Since I wrote that the history had appeared again, with the loss of some songs listened to, I have not had any more problems. Today I listened to about seven or eight hours and everything was ok.
Recent activities, on the other hand, seem to not work. Nothing played today appears in this section

Thank you for the reply. Just to clarify, in case you, for example, play a track via ARC by tapping on it on album details or any other page, then it’s not displayed in the Recent → Played section neither in Roon ARC nor in Roon?



Roon: the first line are albums played today on ARC

ARC on my Pixel 7a Used only on the way to work and return home

ARC on the samsung s9 + used at work

Deleted ARC and reinstalled.

Started playing Gene Clark to the first zone (“Naim”) and this appeared immediately in Roon in Recently Played:

Then started playing Dinosaur Jr. in parallel to the second zone (“Shower”) and this does NOT show in Recently Played:

Nor in ARC‘s recently played:

Although they are both in Roon > History:

In Roon > Recently Played > More, both Dinosur Jr and Gene Clark appear further down the list although I played them just now AFTER the J Mascis and Sonic Youth albums (Dirty, EVOL, Bad Moon Rising) albums. I.e., Clark’s White Light album (as shown top left) is the only Clark album that I played in months, and Dinosaur Jr in parallel in the other zone, so it makes no sense that they are listed on the second row:

After Clark’s White Light album played to its end, nothing else is playing in the “Naim” zone, and Dinosaur Jr. continues in the “Shower” zone, as correctly shown in History:

But Dinosaur Jr still not appearing in Recently Played (Roon or ARC):

Now returned to Roon app after writing some forum posts. It is now playing the track #10 (“Green Mind”) of the Dinosaur Jr “Green Mind” album which had been playing in the “Shower” zone all along:

And now it suddenly appeared in the Recently Played in Roon (while as per the end of the previous post, it had not done yet by track #8, “Muck”)

But not yet in ARC:

And the Recently Played > More in ARC differs considerably from Roon. (Note that these are all plays started in Roon, none in ARC, and only Clark‘s White Light and Dinosaur Jr‘s Green Mind were started after the ARC reinstallation)

Got it, @Suedkiez, thank you for the response. So, the problem is not with Roon ARC → RoonServer sync but is also reproducible for you even in case you are using 2 zones on the same RoonServer?



It’s confusing :slight_smile: but seems so. The first zone playing (in Roon) was updated fine in Recently Played in both Roon and in ARC, but not the parallel second zone (which appeared much later in Roon but not yet in ARC). And the order in Roon > Recent > More is still messed up with regard to the Clark and Dino play.

@Ivan - Edit: And now a second (queued) album (Dinosaur Jr - You’re Living All Over Me) continues to play in what originally had been the second zone (Shower):

And while I was writing this and track #3 was playing, it had not appeared in Recently Playing in Roon, but now when I looked it had done so apparently by track #4 (Lung)

But still none of it in ARC:

Hm, that’s interesting, @Suedkiez. I could kind of reproduce this state were there was a discrepancy between Roon ARC and Roon’s Played sections. I could not get them in sync by triggering the pull-to-refresh action in ARC, however, they synced up again right after I rebooted Roon ARC app… I mean there is definitely some weird state but it does not persist for me for some reason.



Nothing seems to sync them in my case. Today in the morning I moved the Shower zone (still with the Dino Jr queue) to the Naim zone and continued it playing there.

Now I first restarted ARC and then force synced it (while on 5G though), and it’s still not updated

Edit: Same on the office wifi, which allows ARC connection to my home server via the open port

@ivan After a bit more playing around, AFAICT the Recently Played updates immediately both in Roon and in ARC when I play something only in one Roon zone, and it does not matter which one, but if I play concurrently in two zones, it seems to get out of whack.

Yes, @Suedkiez, it sounds really similar to my experience as well. However, it seems to be reproducible for me even though not consistently on #1359 which is current production. Which makes how long ago did this regression appeared in the production builds.



I can’t tell because I basically never used two zones playing different things before (always just either the same thing after grouping the zones, or just playing to one of the zones at any one time).

This is a very recent thing for me (because I’m happy enough with my library by now, so I’ve started playing to the shower zone while its speaker is turned off, just to boost the play count of my most favorite albums - unfortunately there is no other way).

I figured this surely must be a new issue in EA because otherwise someone else would have reported it before me, but maybe not.

I’ll start by saying that I’ve never checked the “recent activity–> played” window much. I prefer the “added” view and the “my history” section.
I believe, however, that this is an old behavior because in the past I noticed that a track or album played was not shown here, but I never gave it much importance