ARC: a working android smartphone

on my android smartphone (xiaomi redmi 8) ARC is basically not working: super slow loading, and most of the times crashing after a while, or causing a complete mobile freeze (till crash).
So, as I have soon to change the mobile: anyone has any experience or suggestion about an android device with ARC working with no problems?

It might be left field, but as a recent convert, a later iPhone?
I’ve had good results with the lower A prefixed Samsung, specifically the A22. I think they are up to the A24 now.

I used Motorola Gx models previously (which had nearly vanilla Android) and then a Fairphone 4 until I switched to an iPhone in November and ARC worked there

Anything that came out in 2023. Compared to your redmi 8, which is now 4+ years old, something from 2023 will be a good 4 or 5 generations of processor and graphics hardware better.

There are an endless number of Android based budget phones. Just check the processor in the device and make sure it’s 2023 newish and you should be fine. I like OnePlus or Samsung devices. But, really, there are some great brands out there. Just check the specs end make sure you’re buying something recent.

Samsung Galaxy Ultra S23 has worked just fine for me; so I’d suggest the S24 that is debuting next week.

Currently using a Motorola G73 5G in the UK - no issues

This Moto G73 also has a 3.5mm headphone socket.

I am using a xiaomi redmi 12 5G (version with snap dragon Gen 2 chip).
Works nicely and is not expensive.

Finally, by chance, someone gave me a Samsung A34.
And ARC works very well.
Maybe there is an intensive use of RAM, but … it WORKS.