[ARC][Android] Don't forcibly hide OS navigation bar

As an Android user who uses the OS-level 3-button navigation mode with Roon ARC, I want to be able to see the 3-button navigation bar on Android while using Roon ARC so that I can quickly switch back and forth between Roon ARC and other apps without first having to swipe up from the bottom.

Roon ARC seems to use the SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_HIDE_NAVIGATION flag to hide the navigation bar. Either removing this or at least setting it based on a user preference would significantly improve my user experience with Roon ARC.

Not seeing the back button at the bottom stuns me every single time!

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Yep, I agree. Got my vote.

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One thing I also want to point out is that this is an accessibility issue. Forcing users to use gesture-based navigation makes functionality inaccessible to those with motor function difficulties, such as people with Parkinson’s disease.


Hiding the nav elements is a bit too frustrating for me. Looking forward to this being resolved in a future release.

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How come there are not more people talking about this, and why is it not fixed yet?
This is pretty annoying to say the least and especially inconsistent with the the behavior of the main Roon app.

I very frequently press the middle button thinking it would bring me to my homescreen only to curse again needing to swipe up to show the navigation buttons.
Please Roon fix this in Arc it would make the experience so much better for a lot of us, I get that perhaps it looks messy but I generally prefer function over form (an option in Arc settings would be a good middle of the road solution).


Fully agreed.

Roon are on/have had a well deserved rest over the Festive Holidays. This feature just may not be at the top of their list of features.

+1 for me. Once you start ARC you can’t navigate away from it, making it impossible to do anything else on the phone. The only way I found to get out of ARC was to reboot the phone!

We need the 3 navigation buttons!

When the nav keys disappear, just a gentle swipe up from the bottom of the screen makes them reappear.

So I had my phone set to gestures because I was tired of dealing with this and only just changed it back.
It seems to be solved by now.

The issue returned so bumping…

Yeah but it’s a bit of a hassle doing this, it’s a QOL thing. They could just not hide the navigation keys or provide an option.

Looks like this has been a long standing request. As others have mentioned, this isn’t just an annoyance but a useability issue for those of us that don’t have fine motor skills. Android should have a way to disable this universally for all apps, but since it doesn’t the app makers really need to make this a preference that can be disabled.

Can someone from Roon please commit to this being added to the next release?

Hi All

I have found a work around for this and needs you to download an app.

It’s free with ads :roll_eyes: but for £1.69 (may cost more in other regions) I think it’s worth it.

It’s quite customisable, change colour, size etc


I’m sorry, but this behaviour is unbelievable. Why?