[ARC][Android] Make the "heart" button more useful when playing tracks not (yet) in my library

As a Roon Arc user, I want the “heart” button on the now playing screen to actually be an “add to library” button if the current song is not already in my library or a “heart” if it is with a long-press on an empty heart to remove it from my library, so that I can more quickly and easily add new music to my library - especially those suggested by Roon Radio. Currently, the “heart” button is non-functional if the track is not already in my library.

Specifically, I’d like to have the following rules be applied:

  • If track is not in library: Show the “Add to library” icon and make clicks add it to my library
  • Else, if track is in library and not hearted: Show the (heart outline) “Heart” icon, make clicks heart it, and make long-presses remove it from my library
  • Else, if track is in library and hearted: Show the (filled heart) “Unheart” icon and make clicks un-heart it.

However, this is just my personal preference - any other UX that makes this button more useful is greatly appreciated!