[ARC][Android] Make the "heart" button more useful when playing tracks not (yet) in my library

As a Roon Arc user, I want the “heart” button on the now playing screen to actually be an “add to library” button if the current song is not already in my library or a “heart” if it is with a long-press on an empty heart to remove it from my library, so that I can more quickly and easily add new music to my library - especially those suggested by Roon Radio. Currently, the “heart” button is non-functional if the track is not already in my library.

Specifically, I’d like to have the following rules be applied:

  • If track is not in library: Show the “Add to library” icon and make clicks add it to my library
  • Else, if track is in library and not hearted: Show the (heart outline) “Heart” icon, make clicks heart it, and make long-presses remove it from my library
  • Else, if track is in library and hearted: Show the (filled heart) “Unheart” icon and make clicks un-heart it.

However, this is just my personal preference - any other UX that makes this button more useful is greatly appreciated!

Agree. The function of the heart button is not intuitive when coming from other streaming services. It does not work as expected. Very frustrating when it is not working and you are wondering if the app is buggy or trying to figure out the functionality. Not good implementation when you have to google the Favourites buttons function.

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