ARC & Apple CarPlay [Delivered in ARC 1.0.9]


Can you please enable ARC to be visible in Apple CarPlay so I can use this feature in my car :red_car:?

Thanks :pray:t2:

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A number of users have asked for this. I am not sure on the current state of Roons roadmap for additional features. Carplay will be highly welcomed when it comes.

Keep an eye out in the forum.

Tap on “Now Playing” until Roon gets the CarPlay integration done.

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Great - will try that but occasionally iOS security features prevent CarPlay from loading if other non-CarPlay apps are open in the background.

I am using a 2022 VW CarPlay enabled car entertainment system and it’s more finicky than earlier VW CarPlay iterations.

Will report back once I have tried it.

I’ve never had a problem in 2019 Honda Odyssey. Just make sure you stop playing from Sirius XM and Apple Music, etc. You’ll need to use your phone to choose music, etc.

Well noted :+1:t2:

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Feel free to vote for this (blue button at the top of the topic), but it has already been confirmed on the roadmap:

Just to confirm that the workaround mentioned above works on my VW 2022 infotainment system.

As mentioned above, you will need to select your music and also play a bit of the selection before you connect your iPhone to your car’s CarPlay infotainment system.

And if you want to change the choice of music, you will need to take phone off the car’s infotainment system and CarPlay, select your music and then reconnect again.

Clunky and not very user friendly nor great for ensuring traffic safety, of course.

Surprised that this feature wasn’t part of the original beta development scope as it seems fairly obvious to me as a very meaningful way to use Arc and on par with the desire to output bitperfect streams to a usb DAC when out and about…

I agree, a Roon ARC integration with CarPlay will be a great feature. I disagree that Roon should have delayed the introduction of Roon ARC while waiting to develop the CarPlay integration.

PS: It’s not near as clunky with my Honda as it is with your VW.

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Can someone from Room reading this comment on feasibility and timing of ARC integration into CarPlay, please?

Please do not create multiple threads of the same subject.
I merged it back to here as it is not a support topic.
Roon rarely comment on future features or possibilities especially timelines.
Patience is the word for today.

+1 that would be awesome