ARC Build 223 Feedback

SDL is busy downloading stuff that I listened to over recent months :+1:

Thanks for finally fixing the dreaded low-resolution cached album images. (I’ll monitor). :+1:

Not good: The default for every album in the albums browser is now Tidal although in reality nearly all albums have the primary from Qobuz or local files. I checked main Roon and there it is as it should be.
EDIT: My mistake, I had the sorting wrong and the least played sorted up, so I guess I only saw those that I had forgotten to switch over to primary Qobuz or local for some reason

:lady_beetle: Crashes on iOS not all fixed, I got one after a short while of playing around, I think SDL was still busy. Sent from iOS. EDIT an hour later: 1 or 2 more, sent in iOS

I still can’t delete old manual downloads, at least not those that I tried. EDIT: Correction, it worked on the second try, maybe I was just clumsy :+1:

Images in Roon Playlists and Daily Mixes are restored :+1:

Can’t say anything about performance of server and remote connections because I didn’t have problems with 1354 either

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Weird, mine downloaded about 20 albums and a few partial playlists while I was writing the above, so about 15 minutes, and the iPhone was probably locked in the meantime as well. And still continuing. With phone unlocked and ARC in foreground, it seems to take about 20 seconds for a CD

Just checked in on mine and loads of albums have downloaded since I did the update earlier.
Quite shocked by the number actually :+1:

Also noticed some really large playlists downloaded as well. I did tell ARC it could take 25GB of storage

I am on Android and have opted ARC out of any optimization

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iPhone 15 Pro Max is still getting warmer than I’d expect though. Not hot and not terrible, but very (more than just) noticeable.

Asking for a maybe too special case, but anyway: Can we get an exclusion (maybe optionally) for SDL downloads of very small albums / file sizes? I have loads of fake albums as stand-ins in my Roon library for albums I have on vinyl but aren’t available on streaming or generally digitally, which consist of just one small (up to 2 MB or so) FLAC track that I created myself, with album and artist tags and an embedded album image (and a computer voice saying “get the vinyl”). SDL is now busy downloading them. (Not all, but quite a few).

EDIT: 29 minutes later and SDL is still busy (I did give it 50GB), and now it’s approaching hot-ish territory. (phone is now plugged in, wasn’t earlier)

I hope they get it sorted for you too. In this new guise, SDL is the best thing since brewed beer.


I can’t find the “Added “Partial Download” drawer for playlists with mixed content”

Don’t know if new: When adding a tag to an album in ARC, the new tag is not shown on the Info tab until you back out of the album and reload it. Same when removing a tag.

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Images in ARC Daily Mixes & Playlists are shown👌🏻

Tested ARC at the gym tonight, flawless :ok_hand:t2:

Can’t say much about SDL, but it looks promising and the extended play options for albums in ARC as well.

Now, folders for playlists and an iPad version, and I am happy :blush::sunglasses:

iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 17.1.2

I set the downloads to 40GB so far I have over 90 albums and several playlists, in original format, Hi-Res Flac/ALAC and CD rips in ALAC.

iPhone 12 Pro was very warm whilst on a MagSafe charger and downloading, which I don’t think is unusual.

Downloading only continues if ARC is active on the screen, if the phone locks, downloading stops.

SDL seems to have done a pretty good job of picking my most listened to albums and music. It has gone right back to the earliest imported albums in my collections. There are quite a lot of albums that I will not listen to (stuff that I have in my collection for my wife but has never been played in Roon) so I will delete, many that I haven’t listened to for 20 years and some that I cannot understand why it has not downloaded as they are favourites.

Where I have been messing about on my phone SDL has now stopped part way through an album and has been stuck like that for 30 minutes so far.
After rebooting ARC on my phone the download re-initiated.

One thing that I am really not a fan of is having the “Remove from library” option under the 3 dots menu within the downloads area. I wanted to remove some downloaded albums and my eye immediately went to this option, after all the font is in red, luckily my old brain cells fired up before I hit the remove from library option and I thought, no, that’s not right. Then I scanned up the menu and found the “remove smart download” option.

I saw a change on downloaded album covers. For now everyone has the cover (none gray), but while some have the high resolution one, others still have low resolution.
the difference from previous builds is that those with low resolution, in the Now Playing screen they have small size.

All my covers are scanning jpg, so there are no differences.

The same for other updates - adding/removing a favorite heart :purple_heart: on album or track is also reflected only after leaving and reloading the album’s view

Hi @Suedkiez ! Thanks for flagging this. Adding and removing a favorite heart is something new. We’ll add a ticket for both issues.



For the most part B223 seems to be working well for me. However, SDL seems pretty fickle about doing background downloads - it seems to get bored, stop and restart when I foreground the app (S22 running Android 14).

I also get a flicker on the genre images on the home screen, which go blank then reappear as the screen is scrolled.

Question… should SDL occasionally/periodically delete some and add some new albums? It’s been “static” for several days. Don’t know what the design is. With 15GB I’d sort of expect that it’d cycle through an album or 2 every day.

Edit: I should add that after this I deleted a few albums I’d probably never listen to on ARC in order to get some variety.

Did you listen to new stuff that you didn’t listen to before, which should probably raise the priority of this content to be downloaded and replace other stuff?

Maybe you just need to give it time. When we watch a new toy we want things to happen NOW, but in actual normal usage it may not make sense to have an algorithm that changes things around every single day. But maybe it should download new stuff that was played once as this indicates possible current interest.

I didn’t play any new albums since yesterday but I did edit a song on a playlist that ARC had downloaded, and that got updated right away

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Same - noted it on Amazon Fire 10+ running an adapted version of Android 9 and thought it might be device specific, but apparently not:

And just tested on Fairphone 4 running Android 13 - similar flickering there too for the Genre boxes on home screen.

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I listen to a fairly wildly eclectic mix of music, though probably no more so than many here. Opera, grunge, punk, chamber music, deep funk, madrigals, classic rock, country, old time bluegrass, and that’s all before lunch. But my wide-ranging tastes are well-reflected in SDL, no argument there, and there’s no lack of good stuff to listen to. But I’m wondering more about intent - (a) will SDL begin to rotate out stuff based on its new updated best guesses after a while, or (b) should I be deleting some of my SDL content that I’m not likely to listen to in order to make room? I’ve started doing b but my feeling is sort of that SDL ought to do some version of a, but that’s not obviously true, its just what I’m guessing.

Yeah, me too, hence my question that you quoted :slight_smile:

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