ARC can't connect through Eero attached to Bell Home Hub 4000

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet connection from Nucleus to Netgear switch to Eero Pro 6 to Bell Home Hub 4000, no VPN

Connected Audio Devices

Roon Nucleus is connected via ethernet to Netgear switch
Hegel H390 is connected via ethernet to Netgear switch

Number of Tracks in Library

76000 tracks

Description of Issue

Getting pretty tired of having to be a network engineer in order to make services work.

I have gone through the support page with no luck. I set up port forwarding for the core using the Eero app - also used the 55000 port. Don’t really know what I’m doing so not surprisingly the Arc page tool continues to show as Not Ready. I have tried to refresh but no luck. Diagnostics shows nothing but an open and closed curly bracket. The Eero is connected very simply to the Bell Home Hub - just as an ethernet device. Not in Bridge mode (that is not simple to do in the Bell Home Hub). Any help is appreciated.

Despite having my Home Hub 4000’s UPnP turned on, Arc didn’t work until I logged into the router, gave my Rock a “reserved IP” in its device settings page, and then set up a port forwarding rule with the port listed in Arc (which wasn’t 55000, not sure that’s necessary though).

Perhaps you’ve tried the above, but figured I’d chime in to offer hope that the Home Hub 4000 can eventually work :person_shrugging: (seemingly not automatically though, considering our experiences)

Thanks … I’ll try it out. I think it is probably related to the fact that I have an external router connected to my ISP router. Appreciate your help!

It would be interesting to know what @Roon_2.0_ARC_Support recommends for Double NAT setups such as yours (and mine). I would imagine that configuring port forwarding on both routers would be necessary.

can you change your main ISP modem/router to bridge mode?

Once I did that, it worked fine.

(EDIT: just re-read initial comment that changing to bridge mode on their router was not easy. Sorry!)

Some ISP do not allow bridge mode on their routers and also on some ISP´s that allow it, enabling bridge mode loses you the landline.

oooh interesting.

I will have to test this

Here is a guide for Roon ARC port forwarding and Double NAT:

ARC Port Forwarding (