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I upgraded to Roon 2.0 and downloaded the Roon ARC app. On my Roon setting page it says I’m “Ready” noting, “Your Roon Core was automatically configured and has been confirmed to be securely accessible by Roon ARC.”

I keep receiving “Poor Connection Try Again” messages. This happened in a hotel this weekend in in my home. In both instances I was signed onto the Wi-Fi network. In both instances I was able to listen to music via TIDAL.

Any suggestions?

I love Roon. What a great service. Thanks.


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@Steve_Smith, what happens if you turn off your phone’s WiFi and use a mobile signal when you are outside your home? Some hotel WiFi networks may restrict certain types of traffic, even if Tidal works over it.

Also, who is your ISP and what is your uplink speed on your Internet connection at home?

Thanks Robert! Our home ISP is Spectrum and the download speed 115 Mbps. I turn off Wi-Fi next time I’m in a hotel. Steve

Uplink speed is 12 Mpbs

Still not working. Any additional insights? Steve

I have moved this to the Port Forwarding support category. I also am tagging @support.

When you mentioned just now that it is still not working, what was the network you were using on your phone? The other concern is that a 12 Mbps uplink speed on a shared cable connection (all cable broadband connections are shared among other households) may be another factor in your poor connection, especially at night during busy usage times in your neighborhood.

Thanks for following up. Our home has its own secure network so minimal traffic. No one was gaming. Also, Roon works perfectly at the same time ARC can’t connect. Thanks again. Steve

Fixed it. I deleted the Roon Arc app and reinstalled it on both my iPhone and iPad. Both worked at home and probably will work on the road. Steve


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