ARC ... Downloads GONE, but data still there? Is this common?

I had about a dozen albums downloaded to the ARC app. Went to listen in the car, and they’re all gone. I’m assuming this is since ARC 1.0.43 from Sept 7 '23? (I only updated it a few days ago.)

My iPhone still shows nearly 800MB of ARC “data” (assuming the bulk of that is the downloaded music), but the downloads tab shows nothing except the message: “Find something to download” and “Your downloads will go here”

Will this happen everytime the ARC app is updated on the app store? Or is there another cause?

Unfortunately so. Sometimes they become available again after ARC has had a full sync back to core, which it wont do if in offline. Due to licensing it has to phone home every now and again. It always seems to happen after updates and if its been in offline mode for a certain time . If its in offline mode turn it back to online to attempt a sync.

weird. It’s never in offline mode.

The storage shows 382GB used, but 0 for Roon. That just means it needs to sync? How do I force a sync?

You can’t if it’s not offline then it syncs on startup. It happens if it’s just not done that after an update. Happened to me several times. If it’s not coming back not much to suggest. A reset will delete the whole ARC data including the files from the phones storage. Have you connected at home via Wi-Fi to see if it changes? Have you rebooted the phone?

yep, both.

It’s not the end of the world, but it seems like a thing they’d want to address


I store a vehicle which has car play and no disc player. But my regular driver has a disc player so I only use the app for a month or so here and there. It worked last fall 2023 and I downloaded maybe 2 dozen albums. Then I go to use it now April 24 I have GB used up but no downloads to access and haven’t a clue where to find them so have to start over. Why anyone thinks this is a superior solution is beyond me. I would like to know how to dump the useless files so they aren’t taking up space. My next complaint is albums that I purchased years ago don’t show up as available to download tho I know for a fact they were loaded onto the hard drive. I realize thats another topic, I just find I don’t have time for all this exercise and I don’t understand the draw.

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Unfortunately, I don’t have an advice regarding the iPhone settings, but this hasn’t happened to me since I changed my settings on Android a while ago:

Perhaps there is an equivalent for iOS?

Used to happen quite a lot on the earlier ARC builds but they seem to have gotten over that. I haven’t had it happen for quite some time now and I was having it happen all the time.

Today all my Arc downloads were gone on my iPhone 13 mini. What a bummer! Reconnecting didn’t help either. They vanished.

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I tried using ARC, but it rarely works smoothly. Downloads pause for no apparent reason and never resume on their own. Even when they do download successfully, the files sometimes disappear when I want to listen to them. Now, I use the Flacbox hi-res music player for iPhone, and it’s brilliant. Downloads are super fast, and the files are always available. This is how it should be.