ARC forum section

It seems to me that an ARC section makes sense in general since it is a specialized and separate app. And makes sense to me to avoid wading through (today) 61 topics in the general section to find the 5-10 non ARC threads!


Yes, it deserves a category at the very least.

Yes, got my vote too… I’m having trouble finding all the “do Ethernet cables make a difference“ threads lost in the plethora of ARC port forwarding questions.

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Yes please

Hi @moderators can we possibly have an ARC section on the main Software Discussion? Integrations get their own so seems logical ARC should to.


That would be up to Roon staff.
Let’s see what they think about it next week, all full of turkey right now :wink:

Agreed. There are many ARC specific threads that non ARCers have to wade through. :slightly_smiling_face:



@AceRimmer feel free to merge my thread into the other one. Should have searched first.

As should I…lol