ARC in the car with Roon DSP for "room" correction - possible? The room is obviously the car

I already do room correction at home and I can use it with Roon (at home).

I haven’t setup ARC yet.

But wondering if I measure my car’s frequency response (just like my home - same process), can I use ARC + Roon DSP in my car?

Convolution possible or only PEQ ?

Even if it is bluetooth in the car, the effect of room (car) correction could be huge

Anyone doing this?

Does ARC support convolution or only PEQ?

Nope, from the docs:

MUSE - Precision Audio Control: Convolution


Convolution is part of Roon’s MUSE suite. For more information on accessing MUSE, see here.

Convolution is not included in MUSE for ARC

There’s this feedback but I haven’t found a proper suggestion in Feature Suggestions

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And Parametric EQ ? Even that can help a lot with car system

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PEQ is included in ARC:


How many bands? 20 supported?

Dunno - never used it.


That’s also in the docs

Dunno, several, easy to try

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Thanks I’d seen that but doesn’t say how many bands. Looks like at least 6

I have to figure out how to get ARC working to test. I tried months ago and failed

This could be a game changer in my OK car system with some good measurements and EQ - achieve better tonality, even over bluetooth

I quickly tried and could create 20

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Thanks, that is plenty. Tbh 10 is enough to tackle the most obvious problems and make a good impact in the car

Will be interesting to see how the car measures too. Before and after

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