ARC Library play and shuffle inconsistencies

First of all I want to say that the ARC app is awesome and a big thanks to the Roon team. Especially now that we have car play. Wow! A huge Kudos.

I think we all agree that it is early days for the ARC app and that it needs improvements in some areas. And it is totally ok. I just want to highlight one of those areas.

There are a number of threads on this topics but I feel there has been a fair mount of misunderstanding on all this so I am starting a new one attempting to make things as clear as possible. This is about ARC iOS and NOT the core Roon app. So please don’t come up with Roon app examples explaining hot this is actually working there. It is but bleeps I’m talking about the iOS ARC app only.

In ARC app when I go to Library tab and then Playlist, open a playlist I get a Play Now button and a Shuffle button. This is great. Then when I go to Library and from there to either Albums or Artists I get a Play button but no shuffle. If I go to Library and then Tracks I get no options to play or shuffle unless I select an individual track. There is an inconsistency here. In other words:

Playlists: I can play OR shuffle them right there before I start playing anything.

Artists and albums: I can play individual Album or artist but I can only shuffle them AFTER I started playing.

Tracks: No play or shuffle. I can play individual tracks and Roon radio starts after the track is finished. I can add tracks to queue but only by adding them one by one. There is no way to play a queue of selected or filtered tracks from the Library → Tracks tab.

It would be really great if I could go to Tracks, optionally apply a filter or tags and then just start the queue and being able to shuffle it would be a bonus.

I just wanted to clarify this and I hope this will be fixed in one of the upcoming releases. Once again great job with the ARC app and I remain a huge fan of everything Roon.

There are several existing feature requests to vote for and add your observations