ARC Missing standard information

Can the track number, album playing time & song length be added to the ARC TRACKS screen, there appears to be nowhere in the ARC interface to see the track number, have to goto the INFO screen to see the album length, should be at the top of the screen next to the release date and song length should appear next to or underneath the song titles.

Also track number should be displayed on the now playing screen as well.

These features are pretty standard on mobile music players, until they are added I’ll keep using BubbleUPnP.

As stated in the release notes this is v1 and will have features added.

Thanks for the reply but it just seems non sensical that track numbers and song length aren’t visible when viewing an album, how could those things have been left off, it isn’t really a feature it is basic information, it’s as basic as the song title.

Hopefully this will be corrected in the next release.

I think getting it working had priority. Everyone has their “how could they possibly…”
Creating a feature suggestion is so others can vote and see how popular it is :slightly_smiling_face: so we’ll see I guess.


Any idea on how long we could be waiting between ARC updates?
There’s quite a few things missing, main ones I’ve been able to figure out today are…

-Live Radio channels are missing
-“Tags” and “History” aren’t accessible from the library menu
-Roon Radio is buggy and wont always queue up tracks (Still looking into this issue)
-Many discovery features are missing
-Can’t shuffle all music
-It’d also be nice if I could use the “transfer” function to switch between desktop playback and ARC playback
-I also wish I could disable “Composers” and “Compositions” from my menus, as well as disable “Playlists by Roon” (This feature is needed in desktop too)

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I’m not part of roon, but I do know they won’t comment on release schedules.

What one person sees as important, someone else could not care less. For me, when using Roon ARC, I don’t need or want to see anything but the artist and album title. When the Roon developers built the Roon ARC app, they included what they thought would be important to the majority of people, I suppose. Personally, I don’t think we need to insult the developers.

Insult? Certainly not my intention, I apologise if it came across as so.

I was just making an inquiry and a request trying to ensure it isn’t forgotten about, some people might not think it’s important information, possibly including the developers or it might be a bug that it’s not displaying properly, but you must agree it is basic information that’s on virtually every other music player, certainly everyone I’ve ever used, song length & track number has been visible information on just about every music format (LP, CD, cassette etc.) and digital music player ever.

Is it possible to have a played history in the Roon ARC menu as it is in the Roon core menu? Just noted the recent activity button. Seasons greetings to everyone. Must make new glasses my New Year’s resolution

I posted about this as well. Get it done.

My preference is to keep Roon ARC as simple as possible, just make it work.