ARC Multiple NAT Setup Problem

Hmmmm, one more set of questions:

  • How is your Roon Core computer connected to your network? WiFi or Ethernet cable?

  • Can you go into your 3890 web administrator interface and confirm you see the Roon Core computer, the Apple TV, and the Ikea gateway? Are there any other devices connected? No WiFi extenders, nothing else?

It may be time to contact TDC and talk to them about what you are trying to do.

My Roon core runs on 5Ghz wi-if and there is absolutely nothing connected to Sagem at the moment only Wireless so I don’t get it how multiple nat are found out of blue :smiley:

You mentioned that the Apple TV was connected via Ethernet cable, but that is not showing. Did you disconnect it before you took the screenshot? What device is the Ikea gateway?

Also, I see you have DynDNS as a configurable option. Is this active? I am not very familiar with it, but as it allows remote access, if it is active, then it may be part of the behavior you are experiencing.

both Apple TV and IKEA gateway was disconnected when i took screenshot this is link to IKEA gateway that was also disconnected when I took screen shot, DNS I can try to turn off and see what’s happen :smiley:

You don’t want to turn off DNS, but see if DynDNS is active and configured for remote access to your router or network.

Im not sure where do I find it DynDNS

Actually… I’m asking a different question…

Please share at least the first two decimal of your 100. IP. This may really help here.

This part:
router_external_ip: 100.???.

The use of the 100 space may give us a clue what is going on here but I need a little more info.

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Thanks, and while no, this is still helpful. The area I was referring to was in the top left area labeled My WiFimodem.

It shows in the first screenshot a 185 address.

It shows two addresses. A router_external_ip and an actual_external_ip.

One of those is which should be part of investigation.

I think we’ve got a CGNAT issue here with TDC. But, it’d be nice to see the second part.

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I missed the 100 address after the 185. Never thought to look for two public addresses, thanks @ipeverywhere. Definitely seems as CGNAT is in this configuration.

So what you say its TDC making mess?

Yes. After the address is an addtional address. It is this second address that demonstrated TDC probably is using GGNAT. When CGNAT is implemented by a service provider, there really is no way for home-based routers to work around it.

TDC may be able to deactivate it for you, or offer a static IP address in place of your CGNAT’d address combination. You will need to contact them and discuss options with TDC.


Thank you I just ordered static IP with one click will receive asp and see if that helps.


Finally got it work :smiley: I was have to call hot line but it was worth it! Thank you for all your time and help.


Great to hear. Was the solution the use of a static IP?

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Yes, crazy that’s simple. Now I’m glad to be able to enjoy roon outside :smiley:


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