Arc needs better search tools

I am finding ARC just too simplistic it’s so hard to find anything that you can’t remember the name of the album or act. Which happens more than I would care to mention. Without the focus tools of he main app it’s almost impossible to narrow searches down enough unless you have tagged everything before hand.

I can often remember a time when I listened to it and know it’s in Qobuz so would want to filter by this which I can do in the main app and then it’s go by artwork and the name often jumps out. But as ARCs tools are so basic this isn’t possible. I ended up going into Qobuz and scrolled till I found it.

This is coming up more and more for me when I want to find an album I know I have but just can’t find it easily. Maybe I need to start tagging but I don’t know I can’t remember it until I want to listen to it. In one case I heard it a track on a film trailer and it made me want to listen to the album. I ended up googling what music had been used on it to find it and then search in ARC to find it in my library. I knew I had it just could not remember the name.


I do use tags to mark albums as “On Rotation” but yeah, Arc is incredibly basic at the moment. You can’t even play your tracks.

Focus would give it a USP, for now Qobuz has the genre filter.

Seems to work for me?

If you press play on one of the tracks in your list, it’ll play that one track. It won’t queue the rest.

If you have track tags like I do, I can’t just play my “On Rotation” tracks. You also can’t just shuffle play your hearted tracks.

I would be unhappy if I play one track and it adds all the others to the queue because that’s not what I told it to :slight_smile:
I can add individual tracks to the queue, though.

But I give you that apparently multiselection does not work and that makes it tedious to assemble a queue from tracks or track tags. Definitely needs improvement

Would be good to just have a toggle that determines the behaviour. I.e. Queue one or queue all in view. I would not even want to multi select.

I’m not aware of a single music app, other than arc, that works like this.

It does lack play from here like the main app. Something I use quite a bit.


IMO the multi-select should work just like in the main remote.

My main gripe with track tags is that when you are on Tracks and tap tags, it shows you all tags. Most of my tags are album tags and I have to hunt for the few tags that are applied to tracks in a loooong list

This is infuriating, would be much better if it just showed the relevant tags.

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Did my best :wink:

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I am finding ARC better than Tidal for listening away from home when there is a decent internet connection.
I agree that finding anything is difficult without the filter tools usually available on ROON.
Also I would like to be able to rate albums on ARC.

I’m away from home at moment and it’s Friday new release day and ARC gives me no tools to find any of these in the app as it has no Qobuz section. This drives me nuts. Yet again I have to go out of ARC to do this yet another thing that breaks the user experience for me.


Im not sure if this has already been addressed, but why does arc need to be a separate app in the first place?

I find the interface of the Roon Remote app very capable, and I can’t understand why arc doesn’t just copy it/utilize it directly!

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Wow a great new feature ARC and users are complaining already. :-1:



Also Discogs has a terrible search engine. I always type something like “ discogs baciotti black jack” in Google to see more of the song I want to hear to find out later that Roon doesn’t know this but at least it saves me time searching for something that isn’t there but is only on youtube.

To add to this now found that ARC doesn’t show you the different discs for multidisc albums just one big playlist. So choosing a specific disc isn’t possible.

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