ARC on Android vs Apple

Hi I current have a iPhone 14 and considering moving to android. Arc is working great for me with no problems. Anyone have any views on arc on apple vs android? Has any one compared the 2. Thanks

Does your car have CarPlay or Android Audio? I switched from Android to Apple several years ago and would never switch back.

My car will do either one. Apple works great and I’m afraid if I switch the android arc won’t work as well.

Funnily enough Jim I switched the other way and even though I keep an up to date iPhone for work purposes I would never switch back to an iPhone as my daily driver. But I am lucky to have multiple phones and not everyone is in that position.

@ruben_aguirre4 I use Arc on both platforms every day and while I do not have Android auto or Car Play both work well for me, though both have had issues at one time or another, but that is just Roon.
One downside of the Apple tight control is downloads only seem to work properly (or at a reasonable enough speed) when ARC is in the foreground. I have also had a number of corrupt downloads on the iPhone, but that may be linked to the same issue

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What’s wrong with your iPhone 14 that needs a replacement so soon?

I have the 14 pro and works great but I have to switch back n forth for work reasons


Haven’t tested ARC on my old Nokia 7.2 as it has been replaced by my 2020 iPhone SE. And it also doesn’t have a SIM card installed.

But ARC runs perfectly fine on the iPhone.

I don’t have CarPlay or the Android version of it in my car as it is from 2006. My iPhone connects to my car’s radio through Bluetooth.

Haven’t had any issues on a galaxy. Has been rock solid from day one. I don’t have any experience with iphone version unfortunately. I haven’t had an iphone since the 4s. It has been a while lol.

I’d say. I have used a 5s for nearly 4 years and I have retired that one about 3 years ago. I have bought the Nokia as replacement but went back to the iPhone as it integrates far better with my 2 MacBook ‘s.

Works generally fine on my Samsung s21. I’m on the early access program for ARC so should see more issues :blush:
It connects well with Android auto and conforms to the new side by side layout. I can’t talk to it to play tracks as I can with Tidal but it is only V1.

On Android you can turn off battery optimization so that it continues to download albums if the phone sleeps or ARC is in the background, making the slow download speed more bearable. But it’s of limited help when downloads keep getting corrupted.

On the flip side, on some Android phones like Samsung S22 and probably others the Android navigation buttons are layered over the app, so you first need to tap once to get the app to the foreground before further taps register in the app

Thanks all for the help.