ARC playing only Lossy format

Hello all!

For some unknown reason, my Roon ARC is playing all tunes in Lossy format. I have selected MQA versions and the indicator on my iPhone still shows Lossy. Any suggestions?



You need to look at your output path. If it lists AAudio it is using Androids drivers and will down sample.

You will need native support for your DAP to get the max resolution from your device. Until Roon gets away from AAudios usage.

Carmen is using an iPhone, but it may be a similar situation as for Android…

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If you’re listening with Bluetooth it will be lossy.

Turn Automatically pick best quality to off rather than auto in the settings and set it to original if you feel you have the bandwidth. MQA will only decode if you have a DAC attached that supports full MQA decode and rendering. ARC does not perform any MQA decoding.


Thanks everyone for your support.
Solution was turning off “automatically pick best quality”, set to original. I do have a DAC attached.
Appreciate everyone’s help!

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