ARC Reverse Proxy Set Target Domain (IP Replacement)

I have a Traefik instance behind Cloudflare and multiple local security applications. I would much prefer to be able to create something like and point ARC to that instead of opening an unnecessary hole in my home network by blindly forwarding all traffic on that port to my Roon Core machine.

Yes, there are ways around this but it wouldn’t be ideal. I would greatly appreciate if a way to specify a target domain was added to ARC to override/supplement the current default of targeting an IP.

You got my vote.
I spent 700$ and I’m not able to listen to my own music, stored in my own server (Roon core), sent through my own network to my own clients just because Roon servers have problems and I cannot specify the IP address of my Roon Core.
This is so frustrating and completely non-sense.

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I am in the exact same situation.

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Bumping this because it’s been 9 months and this still isn’t possible. Why? Port forwarding is a 1990s era solution that isn’t just cumbersome, it’s an unnecessary security vulnerability. Let us choose our own method of NAT traversal, please.