Arc: tidal downloads

Downloaded 2.0 and Arc - both seem great.

Am I correct in thinking that you can’t download Tidal tracks for offline listening via Arc? A shame if so as I tend to download a bunch of tracks using the Tidal app before eg driving or going to the gym. Will need to keep using the Tidal app for that.

It’s not allowed by any 3rd party application only the official Tidal app can do so. It’s against copyright and rights management with studios.


That’s a bummer. Found same issue with Quobuz. Shame as I often get issues with signal quality in the car at very high Res.

I assume Roon Arc requires online connectivity to play anything.

You can download your own albums. Then you can play offline.

But download’s doesn’t sync between devices :grinning:
Do we want it to happen. I think yes. As a choice.

Your core needs to be but you can play offline but it will need to authenticate back home from time to time to get license.

Thanks for clarification about offline use. I’m very impressed with this release. It may not be 100% of what we want but it’s a huge step forward.


Thanks - I thought so. Good to know I wasn’t missing something!

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I presume it is the same issue with Qobuz?

It’s not an issue per se it’s just a feature that’s never been allowed by any streaming service and any 3rd party. It’s part of their licensing deals with the labels they have to heavily encrypt the downloaded data in their own apps to allow it at all for them. Music industry is very paranoid of piracy. The music is licensed for only them to be able to access it in this way. Nothing Roon or anybody can do other than moan to them but it’s been like this for years can’t see it ever changing.

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Can you put it in „feature suggestions“ so we can vote for it?!

You can vote for it as much as you like but it isn’t anything that roon can influence. If you want Tidal to allow it, contact them.

Before I knew anything about Roon I could not imagine that Tidal on multiple devices without family plan is possible. But it is. So, do you (hickman and crystalgipsy) just THINK download of Tidal-tracks on ARC would be forbidden and against the contracts or do you really KNOW it is?
If you are real experts and have the necessary insight- ok!
If not - let‘s vote and see what the Roon-experts can do - and not speculate. Perhaps #rugby can tell us about the options?

You can raise your own feature request.

I mostly buy whole albums rather than individual songs. So, my ‘solution’ to this is that if I find something on Tidal that I like sufficiently that I’m sad not to be able to easily listen to it via Arc when I’m out and about… I buy an actual owned copy of the album (as opposed to rented via Tidal etc.) and add that to my library. The artist gets paid more, and now I can add a permanent, and arc-able, copy of the album to my library :slight_smile: The streaming services are great for convenience and for discovering new things; but I’ve had enough instances of things I really like suddenly dropping off-catalogue that I’m rapidly coming back to ownership for anything I want to have around for the long term.