ARC w/ EE Smart Hub: Port Forwarding Timeouts

I also need some help because I’m getting an error message when I try to connect arc to core.

I have a EE smart hub router. I have a innuos zenith streamer together with a innuos Phoenix net in the chain.
I have checked that the UPnP is enabled and tried turning the firewall off. My internet provider is EE.
Can you help

Message sent.

@India_Kirby The issue was resolved by correcting the router port forwarding configuration, the EE smart hub router is a rebadged BT smart hub 2, same configuration screens.

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Hi @India_Kirby,

I’ve merged your post into a dedicated topic thread where we can more directly support you. Thank you for bringing your issue to the attention of the Roon Community. We’d be happy to help out.

I first recommend you follow the steps suggested very helpfully by @Ratbert, as they’ll likely resolve the situation entirely; it appears he sent you a PM with additional information. Thanks @Ratbert for assisting there.

In general, you need to correctly configure the rule in the EE gateway port forwarding before disabling IPv6, so the router can prioritize the IPv6 address formats used by Roon and ARC. See this thread, for example: BT Smart Hub 2: IPv6 Will Prevent Port Forwarding [Solutino: Disable IPv6 in BT Modem Settings ]

Please let me know if you need additional assistance, and we’ll be standing by to support.

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@connor The issue India had is resolved, IPv6 can not be disabled on an ee router, I assisted India with setting up port forwarding and ARC worked as it should, the ticket can be closed.

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