ARC with multiple Roon Core’s?

I have three separate Roon Cores in different locations. Can I use ARC with all three? Selecting which core I wish to use remotely? Anyone know?

In the settings for the ARC app, at the bottom, there is a “Reset ARC” button. This disconnects ARC from the core and lets you pick a core again. Downside is that this deletes all downloads. It’s more like starting over than just switching between cores.


Thank you sir. I got it. No downloads so now I can pick and chose. Thanks.

This will not work. Arc will restart with the same core.
ATM the only solution I am aware: Delete RoonARC from your phone and do a new install. Then you can select a new core.

No Paul was correct I have switched my cores just as he suggested. I have not downloaded any content so it’s not a factor but it does warn that all downloaded files will be erased.

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Interesting. When I reset RoonARC here, a restart leads to a start of the core last used.

Thank you.
I need to investigate that tomorrow.

I think RoonARC behaves different because I use different email addresses for my cores