Arcam irDAC ii support

Hi Harry

does Ropieee support the Arcam irDac ii via usb? I have been trying to test out mine rather than use the HifiBerry Digi to compare SQ but in the beta but it wont allow me to have USB enabled to try it. I select it on the webpage for the endpoint but on reboot after committing its not selected again. Any ideas? Would I need to rebuild from scratch with USB attached for this to now work?

Hi Arnold,

As this is a USB endpoint it should work ‘out of the box’.
So you’re saying that after a reboot the ‘enable USB’ it not selected anymore??

That’s really strange. Are you on beta or stable release?

Beta release for the LCD support. And yes it wont keep the select box selected. I set it to use USB, commit and reboot and its back to how it was before.

ok. can you do that once more, and hit the ‘send feedback’ button?

I will when I get the chance.

So I had to reflash this morning as unit was stuck in a boot loop when I got up. So now it has USB selected but I still dont get anything via USB. Is there anything I need to do to, disable the hifiberry?

Stupid me just noticed it shows up as a separate endpoint.:flushed:

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Hi There,
I have te following set up:
Macmini with Roon installed, streaming directly to an Arcam irDAC 2 and from the DAC to an amp. Are there any setting to adjust to get te best out of the system?
Roon came up with sugestions for my Audeze EL-8 but nothing about the DAC.

Any sugestions?

Nope! Clearly nothing?