Will the Arcam SA30 ever get the Roon Ready certification?
Without RAAT it’s almost a useless combination to me…
Thanks for you help

Arcam are the people you really need to ask.

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What will work for Monoprice will work for your Arcam.

Below the reply from Arcam: (I’m not convinced)

Thank you for your email. Roon certification is ongoing, and I am unfortunately unable to give an ETA. If you have not already done so, I recommend following the Roon process to upgrade your account to a development account to continue using the SA30 with roon until such a time as the certification is complete. This is a free process, and seems to resolve quite quickly.

I’ve ended up swapping the Arcam S30 for the NAD M10.
I’ve found the M10 software being flawless with Roon but I preferred the S30 sound - especially in terms of stereo imaging
I’m thinking about the S20 for the sound but I’ll still need a Roon wireless receiver to connect to its DAC - any suggestion please?

Naim Uniti Atom :+1:t2:

Now trying Cambridge Audio CXN + CXA 81
Early stage but sounds promising

Thanks but apparently not powerful enough on its own to drive my speakers

What are your speakers? The Atom is way more capable than the 40w rating they give it and beats the M10 sq wise by a long shot. Naim are very low in their estimates of output compared to some.

Revel Orchestra 2 - I didn’t know that about Naim, not that I was happy with the M10 in this regards anyway

Can’t find any reference to those speakers at all when googling.

Oh yes apologies, it’s Concerta not Orchestra

I think it’s definitely worth a try with the Atom… as @CrystalGipsy says, Naim are very conservative in their power statements. The power spec is a pretty loose guideline anyway. I hesitate to say it is a meaningless spec, but the averaged power is almost irrelevant when it comes to acoustics. The more important factor is the ability of the amp to deliver that power when needed in order to faithfully reproduce the input from an inductive device like a loudspeaker, across the frequency range of interest.


Atom will have no issues with those at all.

thank you both for this, I’ll give the Atom a try if not happy with the config I’m currently trying: CA CX A81 paired with a CXN V2, so far so good but too early to judge

It’s worth a listen even if you decide to go with Cambridge.