Anyone figured out how to play stream-only shows?

In Roon there is no way it’s not an internet radio stream.

Yet you can stream internet radio …

Because internet radio is a URL to the active stream not an embedded website player which this site is. Its not a live ogg or hls stream. Very different technology. The site allows casting so if you have a Chromecast it would stream to your hifi.

The site page contains links to individual mp3 and ogg URLs.
After undoing a re-direction it is possible to add the mp3s individually to Roon radio. Which then play as individual radio stations. Quite a hassle. I don’t recommend it.
Better to download (where allowed) the flac files and add these to your library or, if not, cast as @CrystalGipsy says.

I wondered about this too. Archive is a terrific site, it would be great if you could stream it through Roon. I understand that it’s not really feasible.

Integration with would be amazing. More Grateful Dead.