Anyone figured out how to play stream-only shows?

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In Roon there is no way it’s not an internet radio stream.

Yet you can stream internet radio …

Because internet radio is a URL to the active stream not an embedded website player which this site is. Its not a live ogg or hls stream. Very different technology. The site allows casting so if you have a Chromecast it would stream to your hifi.

The site page contains links to individual mp3 and ogg URLs.
After undoing a re-direction it is possible to add the mp3s individually to Roon radio. Which then play as individual radio stations. Quite a hassle. I don’t recommend it.
Better to download (where allowed) the flac files and add these to your library or, if not, cast as @CrystalGipsy says.

I wondered about this too. Archive is a terrific site, it would be great if you could stream it through Roon. I understand that it’s not really feasible.

Integration with would be amazing. More Grateful Dead.


Hey! So the playlist format the Internet Archive uses (m3u) can be pretty trivially transformed into the playlist format Roon uses for radio. One could set up a web service to turn any given Archive URL into a station (so 1 Dead show = 1 station).

But is that what you want? To add a custom station for a given show? Or do you want a station that plays random Dead shows from the Internet Archive?

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I’d love to be able to do this as well.

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@Brian_Cohen agree with you just found 4.18.70 outing at Family Dog at the Great Highway… all acoustic set done on the day I got married!! I also downloaded ALL their live recordings of the first time they ever sang a song LIVE… those recordings are a HOOT. Just wish there was a way to get those soundboards into ROON simply and easily bobbmd

HI @BrianW BrianW I just asked similar question on support… I found a Grateful Dead at Family Dog at the Great Highway from 4.18.1970 the day I got married! An all acoustic set would love to put that into my ROON library EASILY and BTW I love new ver 1.8 especially that ‘dark mode’-- nice job by all of you bobbmd

Many shows on are Stream-only – I’d simply like the ability to select and play these via Roon …

Right – that’s the point. There currently is no way; I was hoping that roon support would pick this up as a feature request.