Arduino Internet Radio Remote

Thought I share my latest project, an arduino based remote control (and not a touch screen in sight)

My design goals were:-

  1. Always on - instant control (actions measured in milliseconds)
  2. A real volume control knob, with mute
  3. Single touch radio presets
  4. Select any of ‘My Radio’ stations (and playlists)
  5. Screen saver of current time/date (that moves around to minimise screen burn).
  6. Wi-fi based (only needs power)
  7. OLED display

Still polishing the software; but it’s fully working and now in daily use in the kitchen (Raspberry Pi, IQAudio Amp Hat, and Monitor Audio Radius Speakers)

Version 2, in progress with the following planned enhancements.

  1. Better resolution screen (256x64 rather than 128x64 - also white instead of blue)
  2. More preset buttons (prob 5 or 6)

Version 3, also in progress.

  1. Retro fit an oled display and control knob in to a Quad FM4 Case.

Version 4, in the future…

  1. Just a single rotary volume control/mute, battery powered.

wow that is very cool, great job.