Are different release versions on my Remotes an issue?

I have a simple single-zone setup with: SGC Sonic Transport Core and 2TB storage, controlled by a Windows PC and an iPad. A couple days ago I noticed on my PC that release 1.34 was out for Windows (and all devices according to the beginning of the notice from Roon), so I upgraded my PC to 1.34. When I tried to upgrade my iPad it was not yet available….and then reading further in the original notice I found where it said the release for iOS devices has been delayed and will have to remain on release 1.33 for now. Will having the PC and iOS “remotes” running different release versions cause problems? The reason that I ask is that some of my albums have changed and instead of individually listing all the songs in the Que the songs have been “combined” into one song with multiple “parts”, which makes these albums difficult to navigate.

Thx, Bill S

This is totally fine, I just edited my mention of this in the release notes.