Are lifetime subscribers able to give a bit more?


I’ve had lifetime membership for a while now, is there any way that I can “top up” my membership with a little cash?


Depending on how much you want to spend, you can always buy 1, 2,… months of (extra) license, as you can pay per month now as well.
You do not have to use your second license.

Better idea is maybe to give a couple of months license as a gift to somebody you know and who would make good use of it.



Roon isn’t a charity, they’re selling a product/service. As suggested, why not gift someone a few months, or buy a second lifetime for your vacation home, if you want to throw some money away?


I think the best way would purchase a lifetime membership for someone, or numerous people. That was you are giving the company extra and you are also surprising a lucky ore person or two. Once they have lifetime memberships they will purchased Roon branded products, like a Nucleus. Whatever you are doing or decide to do, it is very generous of you.


Or buy a Nucleus if you don’t already have one. That’ll separate you from a decent chunk of cash in Roon’s favour :wink:


I have 2 lifetime licenses and bought a third as a gift to my nephew. I’ll likely eventually buy all my nieces and nephews licenses as I’m slowly getting them to understand there is more to music than their white Apple EarPods…


That is AWESOME! You are the super cool Uncle! I am an adult (sort of) and I wish someone would give me a lifetime license! lol, but my uncles are lame :laughing: ha ha. j/k. Aside from the cost of the lifetime license, the real gift is your knowledge from your experience and opening their eyes to a whole new niche world that they maybe never knew existed or would have ever discovered on their own. That can have an amazing impact on a young person, especially if they are already learning to play instruments or are just into quality music and exploring genres. Very Cool!


Lol @AnimalOnDrums. BTW, gave them KEF LS50Ws first so they could use with spotify – which they all used – so they could at least get used to better sounding music first. Then a Roon lifetime license was the next step in parallel with getting them to switch to a sprint unlimited plus plan so they’ve got free tidal… that was the evil plan that is still in process of being implemented…:slight_smile: The journey with them is definitely worthwhile and fun…


Yeah… pretty freakin’ evil of you :rofl: It’s cool that you are also giving them all the other tools they need to enjoy the lifetime license. I didn’t even think of that (as I sit here listening to Roon on my headphone set up, lol). You seriously set them up though and thought of everything. With Tidal they can get pretty much anything they can on Spotify, but at higher quality and enough data to do it too. When I was young, my older cousin loved exposing me to new music. I would love it when he would come over and hang out and he would make tons of CD mixes for me of 70’s and 80’s rock. Those are great memories so I have no doubt that the journey is so much fun!

Why are you assuming Roon is short of operating capital?

Isn’t this thread about somehow giving money to Roon through extra cash or buying additional subscriptions?

I agree. This a business, not a charity.

I made a deal with my life partner, the financial burden of which corresponds to the respective possibilities. She bought an iPad, I contributed a NUC, a pair of KEF LS50 Wireless and Roon Lifetime. She’s definitely not a tech freak but she loves this stereo and she loves Roon. Original sound: Roon is the best ever

@Richard_Thornton I am sure you know someone who would appreciate such a gift. :wink:

There’s alot of unhappy Hegel owners over in the Hegel thread. Some are demanding a free year of Roon from Hegel due to the inability of Hegel to provide Roon on devices they sold as being Roon capable.
Maybe you could help some of those peeps out with some Roon funding to stem their tears?

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No one is asking you to give…so why would it matter? When Covid hit, I knew my business was in danger. I sent out a plea to my mailing list…I gave them a good deal and asked for help. I received over 10 times the orders I had hoped. Folks want to save things, places, companies, so that they will be there in the future for their enjoyment. Isn’t that a good thing?


Do it before the lifetime subscription is cancelled…

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I’d be happy to get a lifetime subscription as a gift anytime…

BUT in case no charitable soul appears, is there a way I can purchase a yearly subscription in advance?
For example my subscription expires in August, next month I’ll have some extra cash and I’d like to purchase another year but I don’t want to activate it until my current year expires. Is it possible?

Flagging @accounts for you - they are the people who can answer your question…

Hey @macaumetal,

This is Rebeka with accounts. I’m stepping in to help with your subscription (thanks to @Geoff_Coupe for letting us know).

It’s great to see you want to continue as a Roon subscriber and we’d love to have you. I’ve just sent you a private message so sensitive information is not discussed publicly.

We’ll stay in touch,

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