Are Roon ready Multichannel endpoints existent?

Is there a Multichannel endpoint existent ? I mean a device that receive the Roon Multichannel stream via the network and have digital Multichannel output means two,three or four SPDIF or AES(XLR) connections?

I am not looking for a two channel streamer that feed then a Processor that „generate“ Multichannel.

The most popular way is multichannel via HDMI. The following may be of some use.
Roon and multichannel

These three are multichannel DACs that will play multichannel from Roon

  • (exaSound e38 DAC via direct USB)
  • exaSound e38 DAC and exaSound Sigma Streamer via network
  • Merging NADAC+ via Ravenna network
  • Merging Anubis via Ravenna network
    In addition, you can use a LAN bridge with USB output to the miniDSP U-DAC8 DAC or the miniDSP U-DIO8 which has four SPDIF or AES(XLR) outputs and four SPDIF or AES(XLR) inputs.
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There is also the Essence Evolve II-4K HDMI DAC that Kal wrote about in Stereophile, and you can use a simple i3 processor PC, put RoonBridge on it and it will output multichannel from Roon via HDMI to many home theater preamp/processors and receivers. JCR

Blockquote Is there a Multichannel endpoint existent ? I mean a device that receive the Roon Multichannel stream via the network and have digital Multichannel output means

exaSound streamers like the PlayPoint Mark I and Mark II and the Sigma Streamer will accept a multichannel stream from Ronn and will output via USB to exaSound multichannel DACs like the e28 and the e38.

Thanks to all for the helps, great.
But as my Meridian speakers have digital inputs only, iam looking for AES/XLR or SPDIF/RCA connection. I do not need a USB or HDMI output . I do not need D/A converters as they are built in the speakers as the poweramps.

Easy. Get the miniDSP U-DIO8 which can provide AES/XLR or SPDIF/RCA connections. See:

Thank you Carl for the info.Your reports are excellent, i like that .So i have now my digital outputs, but i dit asked for a device to use it for a ROON endpoint and so i need a ethernet connection and not an USB input. Could that be that there is no device out there ? Thanks for any help or rumors or ?? Robert

There might be a suitable LAN-USB bridge that will link your Roon Core to the U-DIO8 but I have not looked into that. Ask the guys at SGC about this:

(Who’s Carl?)

Hello Kal and sorry for my bad memory, of coarse i refer to you…
To less coffee or sleep maybe- sorry once more.
Regarding my original questions, it looks like that there no hardware around , BUT i have asked Trinnov and the Altitude 32 is a Multichannel Roon ready product with the needed digital outputs. As i have the Amethyst already and that is a 4 channel processor, i was in hope that the Amethyst is also a 4 channel streamer, but badly NOT. So its look like i have to count my money for a longer time to afford the Trinnov Altitude, as all? Others are USB streamer and believe all posting USB streaming doesnt sound as good as Ethernet streaming…Thanks Robert

It would be great if Roon could group zones for multi channel playback and let you specify in the setup of a each zone what channels it can play.
Then it would be very cheap to build what you need with a bunch of Raspberry PI and HifiBerry Digi+ hat.

Yes, the Altitude32 will do it very nicely:

I do not believe that is certain.

If you already own Meridian’s HD621 processor, you could easily add a cheap HDMI Roon endpoint for Hi-Res multichannel.

the Vero 4K+ OSMC HDMI linux box will play back multichannel PCM (I haven’t yet tried multichannel DSD, probably would transcode to PCM). I have it connected to the UHD722 . Conveniently it also plays 4k UHD HDR MKV files. It is my “go to” device for UHD playback right now.

I assume the Meridian 861 V8 works as well?

I no longer have the Meridian 861V8 powered on in my home theater. I use a Marantz AVR and connect via analog cables to the 271, which speaks speaker link to my Meridian DSP speakers. In my living room, I have a two channel setup which uses a G65 and UHD722, and the Vero 4K+ works fine in that mode (but obviously not multichannel, just two channel).

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