Are Roon working towards

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Apologies if I have missed this already.

Obviously Roon has the built in DSP settings that can be adjusted.
Are they working towards a similar approach to a few companies where you enter what speakers you are using with what hardware and it will auto configure a DSP specifically tailored to you and your room?

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Those companies need to supply Roon with the correct parameters for DSP.

If that’s done, Roon can accommodate them.

Audeze have already done so with profiles for their headphones

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I once suggested to Dynaudio that they provide DSP filters (time alignment - and amplitude correction if necessary) for their passive speakers. I never got any response so I guess that is not interesting to them.

Devialet seem to have some something they do with many speakers and they do DSP adjustments I believe. Not sure how they do it.

I know they are dabbling in it, what I am interested in is if this is something that Roon are likely to pursue in a much more integrated manner going forward over the years.

You are probably referring to SAM. SAM is a DSP function where it is necessary to connect the speaker directly to the Devialet amplifier as this is part of the amp DSP. It will not work when DSP runs somewhere else. One can of course run room correction or a equaliser this way. In Roon’s DSP

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And this is the difficult bit. The way speakers interact with their environment is unique to that environment. Even two rooms with identical dimensions but with different furniture, flooring and even whether the room is painted or wallpapered will affect the sound.

So, two identical systems in to dimensionally identical rooms but with different furnishings and layouts will sound different. The only way of providing corrections is therefore to measure that particular room. Even two different speakers in the same room would require bespoke measurements. This can either be done in real time, continuously and the results processed by a DSP or by providing a correction file to software such as HQP to perform convolution based on a set one-time file.

So, other than the method described by @BlackJack or to correct using a real time DSP it would not be possible to bake in speak/room combinations are they are essentially unique to each situation. Roon could perhaps bake in a DSP function to accept a microphone input to perform such room correction however I imagine this would be so far down the list of priorities that it is unlikely to see th4e light of day any time soon.

Further, given there are already plenty of packages out there to do just this I don’t see the value it would add to Roon and would come at the cost of a much more complex piece of software which is performing non-core functions.

Headphones are much much easier as they are almost entirely room agnostic so the setting does not matter (well technically it can impact the sound a tiny bit but not so as to make an audible difference).

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Cheers guys, all interesting stuff.

Yes I wonder if a mic mode and constantly adaptive DSP will become the future…

If you have the filters, you can load them into Roon. ATM you need third-party software to measure your room, speakers and eventually generate the filters.

While I can’t speak for Roon Labs, it’s their usual policy to not comment on feature requests and/or future plans. However, there are already feature requests for integrating third-party room correction software into Roon:

And also a general one:

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And this of course is not a million miles off exactly what HQPlayer can do with pretty seamless Roon integration. No need for continuous mic input either :slight_smile: