Are the number of Tidal Playlists Counted?

Because I have been trying to make all my library versions of albums the Tidal version, as new releases emerge, I sometimes hit the 10,000 albums limit, and start to cull what is favourited. Perhaps I shouldn’t bother, and just stick with search/Roon Radio, but when scrolling, I do sometimes see an album that I then want to play.

To reduce the number of favourites in Tidal, I have started creating playlists for works that might be thought of as a cycle e.g. (perhaps most obviously) Wagner’s ‘Ring’ cycle, Bach Cantatas, or Beethoven Symphonies/Piano Sonatas etc.

Does anyone know how playlists are ‘counted’, if at all in a Tidal account? So far this approach seems to be creating space for new favourites.

Playlists are one way some get around the 10k limit. However, there is a limit on playlists and tracks in playlists. So even with using playlists as a mock tidal library container, there is a limit.

Thanks @Rugby

I’ll see how far I can go…so far so good.

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