Are there any people who came from Tidal to Roon?

Hey peeps!
Im pretty curiouse, are there any people who came from tidal to roon present? If so why did you switch and what are things you miss and gained in your opinion? Just started my trial 2 weeks ago and so far i like roon but i like the interface of tidal a lot more… i hope this update will change that…

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Roon works with Tidal, not in opposition. The reason I am on Tidal (and Qobuz) is because of Roon.

I use both, together. Roon gives me access to my local collection, and i also listen to tidal, but through roon. Roon is a far superior interface and experience imo, but that’s subjective. I live all the licensed content (reviews, bios) that roon has integrated, and the SQ configurations are unbeatable. Enjoy today’s update, it looks really great.

I started with Tidal. Then got Roon so I could send Tidal music from my Windows 10 laptop to my Oppo 203 and Bose system using RAAT. Then followed Qobuz. Finally, a Roon Nucleus and some other stuff.

I started with Roon and only then got Tidal. Or I suppose I should say I got both trials at the same time, so I never experienced Tidal before Roon, and I never experienced Roon without Tidal. They feel like a package deal to me. I love my library, but Roon (to me) is fundamentally about discovery, and if I have to purchase a physical product it no longer feels like the joy of discovery. Others differ, but I need a vast library to wander through, else Roon’s value proposition isn’t there for me.

@Ronald_de_Boer hello and welcome myself and others probably didn’t ‘switch’ from TIDAL but simply purchased ROON(in my case a life time subscription -whatever that means at my age-years ago) so our TIDAL subscription and playlists as well as Qobuz resided all in one place and we had the opportunity to experience the Meridian SOOLOOS system ‘on the cheap’ so to speak. IE: the meta data searches radio etc. Enjoy bobbmd

Not sure Tidal competes with Roon - Roon does not offer any streamed content by itself.

I’ve used Tidal before it was Tidal. It was called Wimp, a Norwegian company, which was acquired and rebranded as Tidal. I’ve been on and off because I’ve always used Spotify (for the family), but I believe I got on Tidal again because of Roon.

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@Ronald_de_Boer As others have said, it is not an either or, many people use both together. IF you can say more of your use cases (number of endpoints, focus on sound quality, etc.) if you give your priorities, people can point you where Roon will be beneficial (or not).