Are there plans to expand radio usability?

Full marks to how clever Roon is at selecting radio from the appropriate genre - and it does it nicely from the genre I have tagged.

However it would be nice if we knew which radio station we are listening to and to be able to have a list of such favourites, possibly collected under genre. Any plans to expand radio usability?

And it is now a much better layout of community topics. However the full set of help instructions is still buried. Can it please be placed prominently at the top?

Erm - I think perhaps you might be getting confused between Roon’s “Radio” feature, and the “Internet Radio” feature - they are not the same thing at all.

The Roonies have said that both features will be improved in the future, but, as usual, no time frames have been stated.

Radio is like a random (but not perhaps as random as ideal) selection of your own library…good for discovery of your hidden gems, but can be improved re selection of duplicates and repeated items. Work is promised to improved it.

Thanks for the clarification - you are right I was confused. I did a “Radio” search but that failed to help.

And I repeat, please can we have a clear highlighted and obvious link to the Roon instruction set.

“Hamburger” menu > Support

OK, I’ve woken up to linking the Internet radio to Roon [Yes, I’m a slow learner] and succeeded in establishing the first one BUT I’ve tried to link up with 6 others and am consistently told Roon cannot find them.

Suggestions as to what this old idiot is now doing wrong???

At this early stage of the evolution of the Internet Radio feature of Roon, in can be tricky to get the URL of the station exactly in the right format. Perhaps you can find the stations that you are looking for in this thread:

Hi John,

By Roon instruction set I think you may mean the Roon Knowledge Base. Bookmark it in your browser.

I agree that a link to the KB from this Forum would be really helpful. I’ve nagged the devs to put one at the top next to the “roon” logo, but Discourse (the Forum software) doesn’t handle this well. I think getting it to look right on phones was a problem. One day I hope to see it !

In the meantime we throw out links to the KB to all and sundry wherever we think they might help. Was there any particular sticky or thread where you though a further KB link might help ?

I’ll send you a PM later tonight with copy paste of my Internet Radio stations. I think you’ll like some (Audiophile Baroque, Audiophile Classical) and others maybe not so much ! :smiling_imp:

If you find a station you like on TuneIn then pasting in the page URL for that station should also get you going.

Thanks Andy

Sadly, Roon will not link to those radio stations - I get the same message "Roon could not find a radio station at this URL!!!

e.g. was not found.

As it successfully found one (but only one) then I presume there is not some PC setting blocking them, or …,?


Try this instead:

Thanks David - worked like a charm.

So where did you get that URL from?

Not sure, but likely the thread that @Geoff_Coupe recommended. From your non-working URL, I could see what you were shooting for and remembered I had a Linn classical station in my very small collection.

Hi John,

These are my stations:

Audiophile Baroque,aac

Audiophile Classical

Audiophile Jazz

Audiophile Lounge

Audiophile Rock-Blues

BBC Radio 3

BBC Radio 6

Jamaican Roots Radio,aac

The Jazz Groove,aac

Jazz Radio - Blues,aac

The Lake,aac

Linn Classical

Linn Jazz

Linn Radio

PBS Melbourne

Planet Pootwaddle

Nova Brasil,aac

Radio Paradise

Resonance FM

SomaFM: Deep Space One

SomaFM: Drone Zone

SomaFM: Space Station



You can find the ABC streams here:

Cheers !

Thanks Andy. Many on your list now entered BUT I’m having the same problem with the ABC stations - Roon will not recognise therm.

I should add I have been listening to internet radio on a portable Pioneer 30R using Wi-Fi but it is not 100% successful and drops out a lot. Roon will be far superior.

Finally got those ABC stations recognised.
All good, thanks again Andy.

Personally the Roon radio addition is brilliant , sometimes when I get home just listen to Smooth Jazz radio out of Monterey US which not only sounds superb but secondly has some incredible music which I then add using Tidal and play on Roon.
Also just as important doesn’t have ads every 2 minutes like most radio stations and TV is becoming just as bad, should have an option to have ad free, I would be happy to pay extra if it was an option.