Are there schematics of communications and transport?

yesterday there was a problem with Music Files loading slowly and a massive delay on starting roon on my primary Computer. It is solved now, because the problem was a modification i made while changing things in the network.
But that leaves me a bit irritated how this whole architecture of roon works, because the core and the music files are located on the same machine and there was no problem reaching this machine from my computer, nor where there any problems copying or even streaming files from that core machine to my computer, in fact, only roon seemed to be irritated by that network misconfiguration, so i wonder if there is anything that shows how the transportsystem works.

I am guessing such a request without explaining what you did to break it is not much help here - sometimes a misconfiguration while you might think its not going to matter is not best or industry practice…and as such will or should break many things that might otherwise work.

Hello, thanks for your answer.
The misconfiguration is rather simple. There is hyper-V active on my primary computer. When you use it, there is a virtual switch that is installed and it further on acts like the primary network adapter on your computer which handles all connections.
When switching router-software and playing around with it, i had to deactivate it and use the primary network adapter, so i had to switch on ipv4 on the primary network adapter.
After going back to normal i forgot to switch it of. Everything worked fine, till i noticed roon not working properly. As everything else worked fine, i started to wonder, how roon is designed and i’m not asking for support, but for a schematic to understand how roon works…

Roon requires TCP and for all endpoints, CORE and remotes to be on the same network segment. Storage sources are similarly needed to be connectable to on a network, but might work if rounding to another segment in place. It also requires an internet connection for license activation/checks and metadata transfers. LAN is preferred over Wifi for everything but remotes should work over most wifi connections if they are not also used for endpoint duties.

Breaking the TCP connectivity will break things so it seems thats what you did.

Yeah, sure. imay want to move the core to another segment in future, but for now everything is in a single segment.

see, that’s the point i’m not clear about, because everything else just worked. What bothered me, was the point, that the core had everything it needed, only my computer was slightly irritated in network, but still could rach the core computer easily without any troubles or performance lost, while roon seemed to be disturbed, but not dead.

@support always best to get a hit from the roon guys for some added info