Are There Tags For Conductor etc

Very New these queries will come thick and fast until I get the hang of this …

My Library has a fairly comprehensive cover of Conductor , Orchestra and in some cases Choir where that is appropriate

Are there Tags in Roon for these Tags , if so how do I see them.

Can Roon match tags based on Name of Standard Abbreviations for this so that my Meta data is imported

Or do I simply “Prefer My Metedata” over Roons for those albums


Roon has something like 6,000 credit roles in its data model. If it recognises your album (or you help it to identify the album), then it should assign the appropriate credit roles, providing what it knows about the album and its metadata, or finds in your own tags. And you can always add/edit credit roles as well.

@Mike_O_Neill Hi Mike, depending on the presence (or absence) of our own metadata, and your global or album-specific settings, we will use your tag information for CONDUCTOR, SOLOIST, and ORCHESTRA, but CHOIR won’t be pulled in. For that credit, you’d need to use the PERSONNEL tag. There’s some info in the Knowledge Base here and Geoff has already linked to the comprehensive list of Credit Roles in his post above.


Thanks , I think I get that now… The Roon Metedata is filling in the data I need everywhere I have checked , but my library is quite big 75K track