Are your Alexa Echo Dots your go to music source at home

I now have 4 echo dots located in the kitchen, den, master and upstairs den. The ease to ask Alexa to play any song from a multitude of Service except for Qobuz, they are still late to the party, has taken over my daily enjoyment to listen to music.

I have found the sync is even working better than Roons, which really perturbed me since Alexa is free.

There really is no comparison in ease of use. Take tonight having people over. They just randomly asked Alexa to play artists,songs, 50s music as this was a viewing part of Primes The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.
Roon always disappointed and was embarrassing to use in a group. Roon is still clunky even with the marketing and rebranding effort.

$100 I have music everywhere, home automation - control Tv, control thermostat, control lights. But no Roon integration.

This begs the question why can every other music provider excluding Qobuz provide Alexa integration? @support can you help your customers understand this.

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But Roon isn’t a music provider it’s a player! You may as well ask the same question of any player.

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Well, I am in your situation. I do have Echos a plenty and the spouse prefers them. However, Roon does speak directly to devices running Google Home and Chromecast and I have populated the same areas with both devices. So, I have the best of both worlds.

Speaking of which, neither is a home run. Google has better interaction with Phillips Hue lighting and Ecobee thermostats. Amazon has decades of my music purchases and a good video screens. My google devices include portable battery run, and good sounding, boom boxes, a hardware format amazon doesn’t really have yet.

Can’t beat the convenience, I suppose.

Sorry, not really music. It’s just noise that you’ve come to identify as music.


I agree with you there (I heart-ed it), but long ago a professional classical musician friend-of-a-friend explained that he only used lo-fi gear because no money could buy his live music experience. He was the guy who recommended Dave Holland’s Conference of the Birds, which sent me on a life-long beautiful exploration of modern jazz, so his judgement still weighs a lot with me.

Please see @danny’s post here:

Hmm, not sure I understand the logic, but good for you then good for me.

Thanks for the recommendation. I put it in my library. :+1:

Any audio system sounded so poor compared with the live experience that he might as well use a cheap turntable (it was back in those days).

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Danny’s response is not what you’d expect to hear.
It seems they haven’t even looked into it if they believe the similarity to Room and Roon is a deal breaker.

My stereo continues to sit along with Roon, while Alexa happily plays away all over the house for under $75. And it’s in sync.

I can play Roon all over my house in sync in nice quality no issues without Alexa I don’t need voice control to do it.

I have an Alexa for but have no desire to use it for music as it sounds gash. Tried it to run Plex its a disaster. Same controlling my Harmony to control TV and hifi kit. It’s used to turn the lights on/off and the kids asking it to tell jokes as that’s about all it’s good for in my opinion.

I tend to agree; but casting to something like the new Echo Studio or the Echo Amp would be welcome; that just needs Amazon to open up Alexa Cast to developers. Maybe we’ll see that this year as they where talking about expanding Alexa Cast last year.

It would open up Roon to all the Echo customer that have their own CD collection stored locally.