Argon One Raspberry Pi 4 Case

So I confess I’m very intrigued by this Argon One case for RPi. I appreciate the fact that it allows you to have all cabling coming out of the back and has a rather interesting design to it.

What I’m curious about, however, is a) how it will look with a HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro sticking out of the top (which I realize I’ll just have to try it to see) and b) Whether one can still install the accompanying software (used to enable the power button and - I think - control fan speed) and still install RoPieee too?

Opinions or insights?

I confess to really wanting a nicer looking case for the RPi without having to custom build one (or pay $100’s for someone else’s custom build :slight_smile:

Why not ask them? I think it’s unlikely, but maybe they built this into the BIOS (or whatever Pis have instead of a BIOS).

Confirmed from vendor. RoPieee won’t work. In fact, they say currently no audio software services work with the case at this time.

There is a script for Arch Linux here:
I could not get it working, unless it seems is installed.
Maybe i am doing something wrong.

I just built mine into a two bottle wine box. Nine bucks at the local wine merchant.


That looks great, Bob. thanks for sharing. Would love to take a look around it :slight_smile: Inside? Only if it’s not hard to do. Either way, nice looking and I appreciate the creativity. I’ve even got one of those Griffin Powermates sitting around (at least I assume that’s what the volume knob is.

Don’t know what the vendor means by this. It’s just a case.

I have RPi 4 in this case, with DietPi running RoonBridge.

Interesting and good to know. The impression I got was they have software that enables things like the power button. So are you just using the case and RPi4 with DietPi and Roonbridge without worrying about the software component to the case? I can see that it’s probably not super relevant anyway.

Short answer is yes.

I haven’t turn the RPi off since I installed it in November, so I just checked if the switch works.

I had to click it a couple of times, but it does work to turn device off and on.

I never installed the switch patch, so I don’t know what the vendor is going on about.

I did install this patch that I posted here -

Thanks Slim. Are you using it with a HAT? I have to assume having a HiFiBerry sticking out of the top might look a little janky?


I’ve used them in the past, but now I have an iFi Pro DAC.

Beautiful work. What’s the volume control and how does it work with Ropieee??

I bought a couple of RPi 4 cases but settled on using only this one. To use strictly as a RPi desktop replacement when I have a screen mouse and keyboard attached / RoonBridge USB streamer to a M9XX DAC when I run it headless (running raspbian to the headed or headless versions of the OS, not DietPi). If I were to use a DAC HAT I would not be using this case.

I imagine you’ll have to use gpio pin extenders to get the DAC HAT up and over the case? Not sure if any holes for the standoffs will be exposed and usable. (?) Curious to see pics if you do it.

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I happened to upgrade the power converter this weekend so took some pictures. The display takes 12v, so I got a good beefy 12v laptop power supply from “the wire box” to be the main source of power. In the back section I have an adjustable buck power converter to drop the 12v to 5v for the Pi. Mainly so I only have one power cable going into the back for a cleaner look.

Theres a power switch for the pi on the back right corner, and the front left has a switch connected between GPIO 16 and ground on the PI, which I’ve configured to trigger an orderly shutdown of Raspbian when the Pi is acting up.

On the front of the case is the USB volume control knob. It’s a Drok from amazon, $30.


It’s a Drok USB keyboard style volume control knob, sends volumer up and down keyboard clicks through the HID interface. I wrote a custom Roon extension and some mods to the Roon Web extension to make all this work. I’ll be cleaning up the code and releasing it down the road, but still waiting for legal review for open source contributions from my employer before I can proceed.

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Fantastic work. Thank you.

Sincerely appreciate you sharing that Bob. Thank you. Cool stuff and well done.

If you guys are interested in homemade RPi cases for Roon use, here is mine, with a button for volume/mute and an infrared receiver+remote. Quite cheap and easy DIY effort.

All the build details are here:


Actually, I figured out which script works with DietPi this morning (works perfectly). Try this:

curl | bash