Argon One Raspberry Pi 4 Case

So I confess I’m very intrigued by this Argon One case for RPi. I appreciate the fact that it allows you to have all cabling coming out of the back and has a rather interesting design to it.

What I’m curious about, however, is a) how it will look with a HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro sticking out of the top (which I realize I’ll just have to try it to see) and b) Whether one can still install the accompanying software (used to enable the power button and - I think - control fan speed) and still install RoPieee too?

Opinions or insights?

I confess to really wanting a nicer looking case for the RPi without having to custom build one (or pay $100’s for someone else’s custom build :slight_smile:

Why not ask them? I think it’s unlikely, but maybe they built this into the BIOS (or whatever Pis have instead of a BIOS).

Confirmed from vendor. RoPieee won’t work. In fact, they say currently no audio software services work with the case at this time.

There is a script for Arch Linux here:
I could not get it working, unless it seems is installed.
Maybe i am doing something wrong.

I just built mine into a two bottle wine box. Nine bucks at the local wine merchant.

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