Aries G1 - anyone had problems?

From time to time this item has been a bottleneck for problems here and re -powering it has been needed to restore the beautiful quality music it normally transmits. Merely re-booting does not always work.

Just now, for no apparent reason, the music stopped yet Roon was obviously still working. a different album commenced playing, all shown as usual on the G1 graphics display BUT no sound. The obvious culpoit was either the DAC or Amp being used but no, still no sound on an independent audio set up.

Now Roon refuses to play if the audio outlet, in this case the G1, is not operating. So why no sound if the G1 appeared to be working?

All I could think to do was to power off the G1 and see if it could produce music again when back on. Well, it did just that - now working again as if nothing untoward had occurred.

Anyone else struck this behaviour? If so, any clues as to what is going on - how to avoid it happening?

I should add that otherwise I’m very impressed with what the G1 does to strip away the jitter and make the job of the DAC so easy. So much so I now see spending so much on the DAC was a waste of money.

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I have exactly the same experience. While it could be a coincidence, this seems to have started with FW release 8.6 introduced November 14th…

Low jitter and femti clocks is all good, but with muted output it’s not of much use :wink:

Picked up Altair G1.1 and having similar issues. Auralic pointed me to network issues so I will check this out when I get home.