Aries Mini Roon Ready?

Is the Aries mini now fully compatible with Roon? Are all file formats supported, etc or are there still limitations? I’m looking at buying a new endpoint.

See below,“Introduces Roon Ready support for the ARIES MINI”.

Any idea when this might go live?

I have got a great price on a Auralic Aries Mini.
I have been reading this line about it and wonder?
If it’s possible to connect a Auralic Aries Mini, to my network and using it for playing up Roon from my pc laptop in my bedroom?
So I connect the Auralic Aries Mini to my ifi micro iUSB3.0 that I use before my B.M.C Pure Dac and Meridian Explorer 2 (for MQA).

I’m thankful for any help with this.



This setup should in theory work. I just checked with my Aries Mini today with the latest firmware on the Aries.

Auralic Aries Mini being used as a Roon Ready Device. Check, but note it is shown as being uncertified by Roon Labs in the Network settings of Roon.

Capability to output via USB to another DAC. Check.

Be mindful if either of your DACs need software drivers than this probably won’t work as the Aries OS is based on LINUX.

Please see these two documentation notes from Auralic on outputs and DAC support.

Thanks @bplexico

Thanks, Out of curiosity where is your music library stored, I trust you just want to use the Aries Mini as a Roon Ready device.

On a NAS, but this that it could be a problem with the Aries Mini because it’s Linux!
Don’t I get! Because they who use ROCK, how does they use DAC’s?
Or maybe everyone only use the Roon compatible hardware!

Auralic did release beta firmware for the Aries Mini, but they didn’t finish Roon Ready certification with the device. The ball is in their court.

Any update on this?

@Rene_Zwart – this question is best directed at Auralic, as no one here has any influence on the next step.

There is a message from Auralic’s Xuanqian Wang in the Auralic community forum today: “Just got reply from Roon and they will list ARIES MINI certificated soon.” Good news.

Yeah, this is a good news as I use Aries Mini as endpoint hooked up a headphone amp driving a pair of Sennheiser HD650.