Around The Web - Link Enhancements

I’d like to see the Around the Web link on all pages and more content including available Wiki pages. Many jazz artists don’t show the link at all - how can Billie Holiday not have any links and Sarah Vaughan only goes to a facebook link?

I love Jazz and while I can go to a browser, it’s not the preferred method. Also, maybe user-defined capabilities to provided known or found links to books, etc where I know I’ll want to listen and read when I have the time.

I think that this is what happens when you click on such a link – it just opens the browser.

AFAIK does musicbrainz offer a possibillity to add links.

Please don’t – (just another thing users have to write feature request to turn it off otherwise (like turn off reviews, ratings editorial content in general, songkick, …)

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I think the value of Roon is aggregating content. I don’t see why a link to existing web sources for additional background or Bio’s is an issue or why you’d want to turn that off. What’s the point of the software then?