Art Director: logos are not good for avatars

Tom Petty currently has a text logo (as 7th Jan - may change), but in Art Director there are no logos shown, only nice headshots.

It’s your cache. Wait a few days. We removed 7000+ logos for individuals yesterday while also removing the votes that were considered abuse.


Thanks Danny - I’ll admit that, contrary to the fears I expressed, it’s starting to look really good now :grinning:


Sorry guys, wrong place for original post.

Logos work well but they need to be padded and centred carefully for them to work as well as possible in Roon.

Agreed, but I think people are far more interested in avatar photos judging by the ones that change regularly. The avatar for Brian May seems to change every time I use Roon. I’m sure it has changed at least twice in the last few weeks.

I’m going to assume that ‘big’ artists like Brian May have a wide range of suitable images on Art Director so his votes are spread wide and thin. A few votes in any direction would push a new image into first place so that’s why we’re seeing a lot of ‘churn’ for certain artists.

and it’s back
I already rejected this twice
it’s the logo of the label “commercial suicide”, and it’s NOT the label for Concord Dawn…

I rejected this twice now, I wonder why this keeps returning?

It was a duplicate sneaking back in. I have deleted both. Thanks for letting us know.

I’m possibly an outlier. I prefer logos over artist images for avatars - they’re more easily recognisable than a photo and more uniform in their appearance. But what I currently have is a mixture of the two types which really isn’t ideal.

Will it be possible in future to allow users to choose logos or photos for all avatars?

You are still able to locally add your own artists image from the 3 dot edit menu.

Thanks, I tried this but it didn’t allow me to crop and resize the image to fit nicely in the circle. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but couldn’t work out I could do this easily.

There is no Art Director functionality for your own photos. The image will be centered, so just alter your photo to look good, like you used to have to do pre-ArtDirector.

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