Art Director: Trouble uploading large files

Anyone else having issues of late getting Art Dir to actually upload a file?

Nope, just did it 10 minutes ago. No issue.

Have had number fail over the last few days - typically larger files, whether copying and pasting image or dragging and dropping file.

the size I uploaded was small, 248 KB.

@danny, here’s an example of a pic that Art Director hangs on, whether upload is attempted via copy/paste or from local disk.

That is a big file in resolution and size. Nearly 24 MB. I wouldn’t expect to be able to upload that.

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It’s being thrown out by our frontend, because it has a limit of 20MB for uploads. Shrink that file down before uploading it. I’ll get better notifications in there when the file hits a size limit, but I don’t think we are going to allow people to upload more than 20MB.


I suspect, but don’t know, if Roon allowed huge files, it would really slow down our systems.

It’s not like I’m looking at the file size before uploading. Not going to get into resizing pics for Roon, if they’re rejected then so be it.

As it is luck of the draw as to whether the image uploaded even gets used, I suspect most people won’t bother adjusting or checking image sizes before upload.

The images are scaled to something reasonable before sending them down to Roon.

I think that’s a generally good strategy. I wouldn’t do it, unless there was nothing else available.

I wouldn’t say it’s luck at all. You just have to upload when it’s both needed and the image is a good representation of the artist.

Any chance the Arti Director can incorporate a scaler for larger files? That would be convenient for your users.

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