Art Farmer Meets Mulligan & Hall Unidentified

That looks like a good one. I’ll check it out if I can find it.

I’ve had pretty good luck identifying albums with the “Identify Album” feature.

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Is it your expectation @Flavio61 that Roon will id every album?

No, and I place only the most important. On about five thousand albums in my possession more than half are not identified and many are identified with different editions from mine. it is evident that Roon need for a more consistent data base and wider data especially for non-US or UK editions

Check the metadata from your rips - fixing that will most likely resolve the non-identification issues in my experience.

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This is another of the issues I’m having, especially on classical music, because my tags for works using the Italian notation and not the Anglo-Saxon preferred by Roon. Why am converting my tags to Anglo-Saxon notation but work is long and heavy.

If you use something like Kid3 @Flavio61 you can bulk edit an entire album in one go. A little quirky interface but once you figure it out it’s pretty quick.

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I’m using MusiCHI Tagger that owns advanced tagging tools, but I’ll try to give a look also at Kid3 thet I don’t know. Thank you for your suggestion.