Article on DAR about Roon 1.3

It is very confusing???

I thought it was odd that it appeared to be limited to the Nuc line up.

I wonder if there’s any development regarding Chromecast audio?

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Pretty exciting!
But there is no mention of an upgrade to the metadata system. Is it coming, right?



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The big question though is when can we try it?

I thought the NUC was more specifically for the RCK that is also going to be at1.3 release version.

Clearly the more bells and whistles one and all are having on the wish lists pushes up the bar of what will be a useable platform for a good roon experience. Everything comes at a cost sooner or later.

We must all move with the times … software and hardware often in sync and interdependence as needed

This is so awesome! I can’t wait for this.

As Rene’s post indicates, the features set out in the article are not exhaustive and omit a number of less sensational but long-announced items such as further substantial changes to metadata editing.

The Parametric EQ, convolving and other DSP features present an increased workload to a CPU which scales with the number of Queues that implement DSP. Devices within the minimum reccomended spec should be fine for normal households but running 10 Remotes with different Queues while convolving and equalising is likely to need something towards the beefier end. None should expect that RoonServer running on a NAS will be able to to do heavy lifting DSP.

I had understood that the RCK was only for i3 and i5 NUCs, but the article does refer to “server of choice”. Perhaps @danny could clarify.

No remote local download and playback with 1.3 sorry @DrTone, but a robust remote solution is a definite landmark on the Roon roadmap.

Sorry if this has already been asked, but when is 1.3 supposed to be released ?

Hopefully before the end of January, but when it’s ready is the most accurate answer.

Thanks for sharing!!! Very exciting.:slight_smile:

That’s really bad news for the linux users experiencing this issue… @mike

So we have to wait another month for a bugfix?

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Hi love the sound of the new release I am hoping @crieke will follow suit by enabling 1.3 within his own QPKG for QNAP NAS - would be devastated to lose this functionality I get from 24/7 roon via my QNAP T S-471 which works awesomely…!

I get the extra processing demands will place further overhead on the server but I feel that like with HQPLayer it should be perfectly possible to limit the options chosen to suit your system i.e. don’t go trying to upsample from 44.1 to quad rate DSD on a low end setup!

Any insight from Mr Crieke most welcome :o)

UPDATE: [New QNAP QPKG for Roon release 1.3?]
(New QNAP QPKG for Roon release 1.3?)

Does anyone has information about the new dsd upsampling feature? Does it has anything to do with HQ Player?

You have to wait for v1.3 to be released. No time frame has been published yet, though circa a month seems likely.

Mike’s already explained why the fix is not being delivered for v1.2.

In short, the effort / timescale / risk in implementing for 1.2 is greater than completing v1.3. If it were a simple low risk patch it would have been done already.

I know you don’t want to hear that but that’s the hard truth of the matter. Sorry.

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Good features. I just hope they focus a bit on the user experience and make it easier to play, manage, and edit my music library. I know it’s easy to focus on the gee whiz new features but Roon has lots of room for improvement in terms of basic functionality, especially conpared to less expensive offerings like JRiver.

One comment in this article I found humourous was the reference to not needing HQPlayer anymore to convert to DSD. I am not sure what features Roon will have but I would be surprised if it can compare to HQP in terms of filters, etc. I doubt I will be ditching HQP any time soon.

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Andy do you have any insight as to how dsp may work?

For example would it be possible to measure a room in REW, generate the filter that you need/want and then sideload that to Roon?

would like to know that too.

I’m pretty sure the DAR article referred to convolving as well as Parametric EQ (didn’t it ? :innocent:). So yes, you are able to do exactly that.

Happy New Year guys!!! I think this is best New Year gift from Roon, I can’t wait to try it out, bring it on man!