Article on DAR about Roon 1.3


OMG.Am I excited or what!

If only that were all…



As someone who hasn’t been following the development closely, all I can say is wow! No wonder it’s taking some time to get together.

Looks like a brilliant job guys, well done.

OMG, I can’t wait…but I must. So worthwhile waiting for.

Oooh, I hope remote local download and playback is on the unmentioned list.

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[quote=“RBM, post:2, topic:17692, full:true”]
If only that were all…
[/quote]agreed, he starts out saying he’s not got a preview copy then shows off his Adobe Suite skills. Haven’t seen any of that in the builds I’ve tested. :grinning:

I actually wish I hadn’t read it, as I hadn’t thought about 1.3 until I did; now I’d like it to come sooner :slight_smile:

Great news about parametric EQ.

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How much longer?

Quoting the closing paragraph of the article:

Don’t reach for a new browser tab just yet though. We must exercise patience in getting hands on with this not inconsiderable upgrade. According to Roon Labs CEO Enno Vandermeer, Roon 1.3 will be made available for download “Once it’s finalised, hopefully sometime in January 2017”.

Sounds good, but I would rather reserve judgement until we see the official release and release notes.

Wow, very promising update!
Looking forward at more insight on Darko’s point 10, I so hope wider NAS support is part of this version (ie Roon core on an Asustor NAS)

I wouldn’t count on it: there is no ‘official NAS version’ of Roon. There is an (excellent!) community package created by @crieke, which is basically RoonServer for Linux, repackaged for QNAP and Synology.

Most NASes (including Asustor) come in short of the recommended specs (i3 and upwards). While Roon is not in the business of blocking its use on lesser systems, this does not mean that running RoonServer on a Celeron (or even worse: Atom) with any decent sized collection is necessarily a good idea. It goes to show that several of the features mentioned in the Darko article will place significant extra demands on the Core.


That goes without saying. Doesn’t stop us getting excited about it meanwhile though surely!? :slight_smile:

Hi René,

Thanks for your swift reply! I think/hope Asustor NAS’s are similar powered to the Synology of Qnaps, which as I understood can run Roon core, preferably combined with an SSD drive (I use a Celeron 2Ghz quad core, A5102T).

I would just love the simplicity, as the NAS is already available and running 24/7. But as you say (and I’ve read several contributions you made on this community, with great appreciation :+1:), perhaps it’s just wishful thinking. Thanks for not letting me hold my breath till end of January.

Kind regards, Fred

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10… Roon OS is now (almost) ready to roll. From a USB boot image, hardware partners and power users can install a Roon Core equipped Linux operating system to their (server) box of choice.

But is this true, can you install to your own or any machine or does it HAVE to be a NUC5 or NUC6 i3 or i5?

I read this as well. Is it true that other hardware can be used?

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