Article on Roon core on ODroid H2

Same CPU as many of the Qnap/Synology NAS units. A Celeron is below minimum CPU recommendation from Roon, but still… if one wish to tinker.

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Problem is - spend another $50 and get an Intel NUC (case included)

Hi, thanks for the link :slight_smile: A couple of thoughts if I may.

Only just below the minimum recommendation as of June (before the update to 8th gen NUCs). Roon seem to be extremely conservative with their CPU recommendations - understandable since they cannot know in advance how much DSP or how many streams someone might run. However I’ve been experimenting with virtualizing RoonServer and for file playback or streaming up to 192k to a single endpoint, a single core of the J4105 actually works fine.

I expect that would work fine. However with only a single SATA slot, and assuming you keep to Roon’s recommendation of an SSD system drive, your music storage options boil down to a large and therefore expensive SSD, USB-attached drives, or network storage. Whereas the H2 has an NVMe SSD system drive and can accept two 3.5" SATA drives. YMMV, of course :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve been away for awhile so I’m just getting your post now. My memory is good, but it’s short, so I not sure what the original post was about. :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks like I posted the wrong Amazon link and probably meant something like this - -

Will an i3 work if I have 30k songs?

Dunno for sure, probably should follow Roon recommendations that they list for deciding between the two Nucleus models.

Hi, NUC8i3 is Roon’s recommendation for ROCK “small to medium” library. There’s a thread on it here:

With memory, ssd, additional storage this could cost upwards of $500. I wonder what the total cost of HIFI Zine’s roon server might be? I’m guessing around $300. Still for ease of installation, Windows 10 might be preferable to Linux which seems to require formidable command line wizardry.