Artist/Album, Track Info, Transport, Next Up info in MacBook Touch Bar

As per title. There’s currently a big empty space in the touch bar when running Roon Remote :slight_smile:

I know this was mentioned in another thread (asking about whether to purchase a MacBook Pro) but it wasn’t the main topic of that thread and so it may have gone unnoticed by some.

Someone did a mock-up of how Spotify might use the Touch Bar. Look’s good to me.


Yes this would be amazing!

Yes that would bd a great add!!

Last week I spent a couple of hours hacking together a poor-mans version of a Roon touch bar using the BetterTouchTool app and Applescripts:

The Roon icon opens the Roon app. The transport and volume controls are mapped to Roon keyboard shortcuts and, hence, I can be in any app and stop/start, vol up/down/mute Roon. This is actually pretty helpful if you have any interruptions. I’m going to add back/forward buttons next.

The Applescript is a little bit fiddly as it needs to focus on Roon before committing the keyboard shortcuts and then re-activating the window that you were last in. It works but there’s a 1/2 second delay between pressing the touchbar icon, it taking effect and getting back to the original app I was using. Still, its more convenient, natural and quicker than locating and bringing up Roon and using the trackpad/keyboard to perform the same function.

If I had the time I’d fire up XCode and get on with developing an app to do this properly. It looks like I could get the necessary info from the Roon API to start to get near what I want which is track info, time remaining, etc. in the touch bar. Alas, I am very time poor at the mo’ so this will have to do for now.

If anyone else wants to try this out let me know and I’ll send on the Applescripts (NB: you will need BetterTouchTool and familiarity with customising your own TouchBar).


I know this thread is a year old, but I don’t see any other threads related to touch bar support in Roon. Was this Roon widget developed any further? Would be great to have access to the BTT preset.

Hello, I would like to see touchbar support on macbook pro as well. Especially volume control, forward/rewind, play/pause. The current track name would also be great.
Actually native streaming app I use (Tidal/Deezer etc…) support this. The touch bar has no effet on Roon Remote control app on macosx. This is a bit annoying. Thank you regards,

Good suggestion.