Artist appearing together on an album, not a compilation

Now that we have some great pics coming through for artists I notice lots of gaps, when I click these artists 9 times out of 10 they are I guess colabs or 'coming together; of other artists for a one time thing… For instance I have ‘X Ray Blues’ with, The Fab, BC Horns, The Soul Sistaz, Seda Devran and Anina Schibli.

Its not really a compilation album, but its not a single artist album so of course all these artists appear in my artists list. Is there a way to not have this behaviour?

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For some types of music collaborations the artists never came together for a photo either so an group Artist photo is impossible to find.

Hey @Gareth_Irwin

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and observations regarding images for these collaborative efforts! It’s true that finding representative photos for some of these projects can be difficult. We developed Art Director to help address these problems!

You can find more details on Art Director in this post by Danny please take a look and lend your artistic eye!

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