Artist Browser page : No Filter function on Apple ios app

Downloaded ROON for 14-day trial. Determining if I want to buy/use.

I see two “Filter” functions, the Funnel icon and ‘ABC’ filter function on the Artist Browser page of the Windows app.

But I don’t any “Filter” functions on the Artist Browser page of the Apple os app. Why is the ios app missing these filter options ?

Hey @Michael_Sullivan – right now Focus is only available on our desktop and tablet apps, including iPads.

Our phone interface doesn’t currently include that feature, but we are hoping to unify functionality across both form factors in the future. Note that while that design work has started, I don’t have a firm timeframe for when that will be released.

For the moment, note that you can save bookmarks for all sorts of views in Roon, including for Focus views like “Jazz albums from 1965-72” or "“Artists from France”. Once you’ve saved those bookmarks on our desktop and tablet apps, you’ll be able to access the “filtered” view from your phone.

I appreciate the response on this. I hope to see this function on the iPhone sometime in the future as I prefer using the handheld remote. Thanks.

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