Artist Editor Issues

So Roon is showing a band called “Ashland” in my artist view with no picture…so I went online to try to find a picture of this band. Couldn’t find one, so clicked on the band “Ashland” and it turns out that “Ashland” is actually the band “Crashland” and I know this because the album “Glued” by Crashland is filed under Ashland!

I also have a Talk Talk album (Natural History) showing up under an artist named Ambrosia Choir…no idea where that came from…and this album is also showing up under Talk Talk where it belongs.

I have changed the artist name using the editor function on the Talk Talk data mistake and now I have Talk Talk filed under “A” as well as “T”. Same problem with Crashland which is now filed under “A” as well as “C” where it belongs

I’m sure there are more since I’m just in the “A’s” and have 1400+ artists to go through.

So how do I clean this up?

This is just bad metadata from our sources :disappointed:

The “primary artist” credits are confusing our system. @joel and I will take a look and see if we can get these fixed at the source.

Great, thanks! I’ll let you know if I find anything anything new.

Request made.

Here’s another one -

Sigur Ros’ “Inni” album is also identified as album artist “Jon Por Birglsson”


Shearwater’s ‘Fellow Traveler’s’ album is also identified as album artist “Kimberly Burke”

Also, the Talk Talk album I mentioned previously is also identified as album artist “Children from the School of Miss Speake” as well as “Choir of Chelmsford Cathedral”