Artist equivalence: Codeine the 90ies NYC slowcore band is not Codeine the trap band or whatever other bands of that name

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Codeine the slow core band has a TiVo and Wiki bio. (Note: I edited the artist image locally)

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This is Codeine the slowcore band:

Their albums are:

  • Frigid Stars LP
  • The White Birch
  • What About the Lonely? (Live)
  • When I See the Sun (Anthology)
  • Dessau (Anthology)

The other 12 main albums and 39 singles/EPs are some other Codeine band(s), apparently a trap band and maybe more.

Singles & EPs are (as available in Qobuz/Tidal, a few more are on Discogs)

  • D
  • Pickup Song
  • Barely Real (EP)
  • Pickup Song (Live)
  • Sea